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GTA Online Screenshots: Show Your Character


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Posted (edited)

After a Long time of trying to log in to my Social Club, i've decided to bring you a post

Brought to you by:




Last time you heard from me, i was moving Most of my "criminal" empire to Blaine County

even bought a nice used Black Buccaneer

Ahh, Home sweet home, Paleto Bay



Wait, who's This fresh boy?!



Why, it's Me of course!



Expect more pics when i can


Edit: All hail Crazy Al Ward: King of Blaine County on Page 191

1st Post of page 191
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A quint little house in The Bay, i keep thinking of getting a place up there..... weekend getaway.


(we never did get a Stilt house property up there....... even though there are two possible buildings Rockstar could advance to purchasing)

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Last time I shared anything here was proooobably last year.

I've played this game on PC, created a character that looks like an exact copy of my PS4 character and took some pictures.











Edited by The_Ghost
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Have found some randoms who played Los Santos Connection- rare sight on PC. 



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Got little bit back to gta online recently for lowriding and made this mexican chola gangster chick.

She looks so badass :cool:






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I got some 4th of July themed pictures on PC this time, I'll take some PS4 ones later.





Also, don't you love it when you get the angle just right, the pose is perfect, the lighting is good, you take the screenshot, only to later notice that the freaking flags are messed up REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE





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Posted (edited)

It's been only like seven months since I last posted here, better late than never I guess.













Edited by Wurmy
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Oversized Sunset Tints finally landed. 



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