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Recommended Posts

the J is for Julia

I've been taking a lot of snaps lately.


"We gotta' get out of here." (with @Baltel)














"It's time to go back."



Julia: "What did I tell you about showing up here, Lazlow?"

Lazlow: "Ah sh*t, let me finish my drink."



Julia: "Come with me. I want to introduce you to someone."

Lazlow: "Oh f*ck. Who? Give me a break."



"The front of my car."



New clothes in the update R*?







Edited by the J is for Julia
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Its that holiday event again...…. Independence Day celebrations across the pond.


digging out the traditional Star clothing items from the back of the wardrobe.




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Surrender now!!




Game Over



Dark Light









In other news, the government start a new project to counter the MK2 oppression and fear, this project is still a secret, but some sources call this project with the name of Oppression x3



Stay tuned for more info about this, in channel 6 action news






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the J is for Julia
32 minutes ago, Baltel said:



Goddamn this is such a cool shot. 

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A couple of 60s inspired independence day photos



Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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Flag Day


Some call it a show of force...


I call it representation.

The days of CJ are gone.


Gangs are out. VIPs, ghost-orgs, money laundering startups, and on call rocket bikes are the new wave

And sh*t...I used to think LifeInvader was the problem


We needed a renovation for sure...but where's the passion these days?

OG's moved on, leftovers couldn't supervise a Cluckin Bell, let alone a block.


Who's gonna set it off?

Do it for the Grove? 


Pop off some wild sh*t and keep the gang fed, buck and hungry for the next one!

When we gonna get some classic, old-school 3D-era real sh*t back in the game?


I'll f*ck around if I have too.

Done killed too many for too simple a reason to let this charade go down.


Whole gangland been quiet and yet the Ballas doing deals with the IAA and the Vagos running the docks...it's shameful...


All the vice to stick around and what a selection...


Gotta hit em in the chest.


Rip they letters off and tell em who got they number.

Ain't no bond stronger than a man and his dog, a gunslinger and her horse, an outlaw and their getaway car...


That piece of identity can't no one come between...unless they got the balls for it.

I'mma drive that thing into the ground. 


Flagpole of the whole neighborhood taken down. Paint this whole area green.

The recovery effort alone will be noble. 


But I'mma do them one better and put some cop heat on this.

Run their image into the ground with their pride and joy as the mascot.


Does the end justify the means? Probably not.

Soldier of the Streets or Menace to Society?


Depends on who you ask I guess.

I'm more like a conquistador with a flashy streak...


We regret to inform you that the colors of the guard have officially changed.


This hood's under new management.


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I haven't posted here in forever, I haven't been playing GTA as much but hopefully this is my return lol












I have been switching haircuts again, but I keep going back to the usual stuff, hopefully the next update introduces some good haircuts and clothes




Edited by Maddened_Ghost
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Even though you can barely make out my character, like a group photo on a dating site..


Rockin' the Sprunk Green Tee.



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the J is for Julia
18 hours ago, Maddened_Ghost said:

I haven't posted here in forever, I haven't been playing GTA as much but hopefully this is my return lol











I have been switching haircuts again, but I keep going back to the usual stuff, hopefully the next update introduces some good haircuts and clothes



Welcome back, lovely.

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1 hour ago, the J is for Julia said:

Welcome back, lovely.

Thank you ☺

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So me and @the J is for Julia got into a lobby, again!



So which one are we shooting first the one with invisible ankles or the rebreather one?







Edited by Maddened_Ghost
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G'day all.


Bit of a story to this one with the help of my mate. 


After a Lunch date with the girlfriend they decide to top it off with a moment at their spot 


"This is or moment will be our moment of peace and love, my love" 




Later that evening an unexpected traffic stop by a Detective 


"So no RBT plan B?" 

"Shut up and keep your hands in the air!"




Nikki thinks she has left her criminal past behind her. This doesn't smell right. 


"What am I charged wtih?' 

"Well your f*cked in a word"



24 hours till David has seen or heard from his girlfriend Nikki. Gotta bad feeling somethings happened. 

"Where the hell is she? Its bee 24 hours now and still no contact. Ive reported it to the local police, Might have to call in a mutual friend for help" 




To be continued..... 

Edited by Cackling Jack
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...It has been awhile...like 5 days since I wiped out those Pardo's goons in those appartments in Hawick. Surviving for 5 days in this damn city while you're being hunted by John Pardo's men and every bountyhunter in the state is a miracle. They haven't find me yet, but you always have to watch your back.


Those bountyhunters keep coming for me, my nightclub was filled with them, my appartment in Rockford Hills was sorrounded by that scum and Pardo's people. So I had to keep a low profile in Mirror Park.
My look was nerdy enough to blend in, but I have to move quick if I want to shake Pardo off my back once and for all.

"Really? A Vapid Stanier?!" Those Words cross my head as I look at the "discrete" vehicle that I requested for seeing Hillary at his appartment in Del Perro. "Nothing screams 'Undercover Cop' or 'Criminal trying to keep a low profile" louder than a Stainer.




"I ain't driving that thing, I'll get killed in seconds if someone ambushes me" So I had to find another ride. I know, driving a black Dukes at high speed is not the best for trying to keep a low profile. So when I hear the sirens and see the cop car behind me I can't help but think "Now What?!"




I don't have time for cops...but it seems they don't have time for me neither. When I hear the shot and the bullet hitting the car, I drive as fast as I can while I try to figure out what the hell is happening




"They must be more henchmen in disguise" I'm driving in a very savage way, avoiding the traffic and trying not to ran over someone when my bumpy trip comes to an end with a police barrier and several guns pointing at me.




"Well, at least they didn't shot immediately, so I guess they're real cops" Is the last thing that passes through my head when I get out of the car and turn myself in. It's better than be death I guess, but after seeing a couple of those "Cops" talk with each other and hear "...yeah, We got her. We're taking her to the warehouse" I think it would have been better to let them kill me, because if they don't do so within a couple of hours, I'm sure I'll be wishing to be dead...

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Got Ansel updated an inspired to take more screens
4k - ANSel filters.















no one told me a look alike to the detomaso pentera was added my fav car in the world had to buy it















Edited by o0eVe0o
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Wildflowers running through my veins










Edited by ConventLane
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