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 old vs new





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Thirteen: Part I



Yeah, I remembered my first rodeo, sh*tty little liquor store not too far away from the county line north of the city. Nothin' there save for low rate booze and cheap malt thrills, a grungy lil' cash register and a very pissed off store clerk armed to the teeth with a bold, polished 12 gauge revived from the civil war.

It was the job father wanted me to do, and it's safe to say that I f*cked up, just not in the way I expected.
Father always wanted a son, and when he didn't he wasn't gonna raise a stronze, stuck-up and spoiled mob princess you see on those reality shows on TV.

"Us Sicilians never had it easy! In a land where it's every motherless bastard for himself, it's either get your hands dirty or play pawn to those cogliones at the top!" I remembered him say.

"You do what you gotta to help the family, even if you ain't gonna see the light of the next day."

Except the last part wasn't true.

That liquor store was my rite of passage, and it ain't wrong to say that I neither passed nor failed it.

So anyway, tracing back to the story, Mr. Tipsy put one across the chest, and placed another one into my temple to make sure. And as soon as I blacked out I recalled myself being outside the store, awakening from a nightmarish post-death hangover. I felt like Lazarus rising from the burial ground, only this time it didn't feel like the workings of an omnipresent, benevolent god.

Naturally I finished what I started, and I never told my father what really happened that night. But then again never really expected his daughter to walk out of that liquor store. So he set me up with more jobs.

That culminated in exactly 12 more f*ck-ups, and I woke up in every one.
So there I was, standin' on a bridge edge overlooking the docks in the south side of the city of lights, testing the limits of this... unnatural natural order.

This was going to be my thirteenth death, and I wasn't gonna play this... mobster game my father wanted me to play.

And you know what they say about thirteen bein' a bad number.

I prayed, hard, that a maker of some sort can free me from this vicious cycle of life and death.

After a few moments of reflection, I figured that it was time to make the leap.

I never heard cars pass that quickly since.


Part II coming soon.

Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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Thirteen: Part II



Same ol'...
I felt like screaming, but there ain't no one to hear you scream when you're underwater.

Turns out it seems like I was cursed, or blessed, with this gift, and in that moment while I was starting to kick for air I decided maybe it was time to come clean with my father.
Maybe he'll accept it for what it is, or maybe he'll throw a fit, in which case I'd have to clip him.

Guess that's up for god to decide.


Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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the J is for Julia















Like my new boat? They said I could have it.


Edited by the J is for Julia
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shades of grey




Edited by ConventLane
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Trying out stuff on pc




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Trying to find the perfect Noir Spiderman cosplay







Edited by Agent 14
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Two characters I made for a machinima series I'm working on. Jackson's the girl and Briggs's the dude.



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My female character should be arriving from Japan to LS pretty soon will upload pics upon her arrival. 






Haven't use her in a while as I've been playing with my second character more but with all the godmode and griefing scumbaggery going on I'm going to need her arsenal of mark 2 ammunition that I never bothered to get with my 2nd character.

Edited by Agent 14
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She's happy to see someone 




Uh oh limo driver missed her someone is getting fired as first order of business





Looks like she's still in a good mood whew! the limo driver might keep his job after all!





Everyone is happy to see the boss back Free Drinks!





Is good for the boss to be back home. Except now, Tony and Lazlow are panicking because they haven't made any money and has been getting high of her product. If she finds out some heads are going to roll.


Edited by Agent 14
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23 minutes ago, Prominence said:



"Doctor Birkin, you'll come along with us quietly."



Is that Hunk?

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10 minutes ago, Agent 14 said:

Is that Hunk?

All he need is decent kneepads like this and he's done.




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9 hours ago, Prominence said:

All he need is decent kneepads like this and he's done.

  Hide contents



I think one of the mad Max pants have them if not is one of the Doomsday pants that does.


Edit Found them they're called Battle pants

Edited by Agent 14
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"The world's never changed, Jackson. We've always been pawns for whichever king that's convenient."


"...And that man on the phone ain't no exception to that."


Edited by YouSitTightBuddy
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"One last job for the Bratva, then I can finally be home with Mary."


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Played heists for first time in 2 years..



This sums it up.


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With J is for JuliaCP7WSkY.jpg


Resident Vibes 



Director's Mode Antics





Edited by ConventLane
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