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GTA Online Screenshots: Show Your Character


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I recently purchased GTA V and this is my first time playing GTA Online. My character looking like a hipster, LOL.AZUeAhu.jpg



Edited by Alan Eastwood
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...anyway, after the shooting at the night club, I went to my apartment just to find an ambush there, so I went back to the basics.




I felt like a newcomer, I thought that the Bandit, my old Ruiner, would keep me safe from any kind of tracking.




I was wrong. Just an hour after, I got those paramilitary goons in suit chasing me.




It wasn't difficult to loose them, after all this time, my driving skills were still pretty good "You won't get me that easy"




I went with my pal Wei, I needed his services in this emergency and he's one of the few people I trust in. "At least now I have a gun..."




Wei also told me who was after me. When you keep the chainballs of your past, you risk the freedom of you future "I should have vanished Pardo when I could"




After buying some info from those clowns of Securo Serv I got an adress, I didn't trust those guys either but damn, I nearly got killed 5 times in 2 days so maybe it worth the try.




This is the place...This mask saw me begin in this bussiness, It's fair that sees my ending too. I really hope that that idiot is here...





Ok, Everything's cool, some Scattle music would be nice...





Yeah well...Pardo wasn't there (ja-ja dumb me), but at least most of those henchmen are now dead meat. I can hear the sirens in the distance, but cops aren't what worries me right now...I still have to find John Pardo and the things are in motion now, the time is running out.




"I should take the Bandit with Hao ASAP...it looks like crap" Is what's on my mind as I realize i have too many chinese friends in this city ._.'



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Just something I drew by hand a while back then painted + added effects using Photoshop.

Will post the actual character's in game images later.

Edited by Pankypops
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There's a topic for GTAO drawings here.







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On 11/30/2018 at 1:07 AM, the J is for Julia said:

Weekend Crisis Mode

Looks way better with short haircut IMO

Edited by BrunoPogo
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Bought the Impaler (Impala) and spiffer 'er up:




Didn't see anything else I'd like to buy yet.




Always liked this building (well, the painting really), so here;s a tribute:




No idea what it's supposed to reference, I just like it.

Edited by kcole4001
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