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ENB Screenshots and Artwork Thread (Part 2)


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We're Moving & Shaking Things Up a Bit!

The thread will be handled just like the original ENB Screenshots thread, except now its not exclusive to just screenshots and ENB's.

The thread will be in the "Other" section of the Showroom, and the title would be "[iV|V] Screenshots and Other Media Thread", it'll be pinned and you can handle the OP whatever way you want.



Changes Timeline

• On or about 10-14-2014 the ENB Screenshot & Artwork Thread will be closed and locked. Final comments and reflections on our / your time here with all the developments in ENB since it's inception and screenshotting in this thread?



• The new [iV|V] Screenshots and Other Media Thread will be located in GTAForums > Showroom > Other > Pinned

The new thread can be found here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/742141-ivv-screenshots-and-other-media-thread/


Coming Soon...

• New Artwork for first post in the new thread.

• New Links to media and mods.

• Packet Endorsed modification files and help once in a while for ENB. (lol)

• New All uR iCEnHancer R Belong 2 Us release.

• As many links and links to media with a new tabled layout as soon as possible.

• More forum dwellers and different perspectives on GTA IV and GTA V.


Thread Direction

• Please try to comment on other people's screenshots. A good example if you're mostly used to the IV-era screenshot thread is to take a quick peek here: III-Era Screenshot Thread
• I would hope that discussion of ENB and screenshotting is a open, free and helpful. Help those with requests for files and when a question is answered, how about adding a post to let us know what was done to fix / create?
• Maybe if I can get some help from other forum dwellers we can host competitions like the III-era threads have done.


I look forward to seeing you all there with all the great new screens.


Best Regards,





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