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Fanmade Missions in GTA Chinatown Wars

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Follow up for the latest new fanmade missions here

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Posted (edited)

Mission Name: Idiotic Peace from Zhou


For: Zhou Ming


Unlocked after: Sa-Boat-Age


[Important E-Mail comes and it's getting read]


From: Zhou Ming

Subject: Foolish Pricks!


"Chan thinks he's just cool because he jacked a boat from the Spanish Lords so he can impress the Tongs, I saw it on his f*cking post in myroomonline.net, to me, he's just putting himself in even more danger, meet me at my club.



Zhou Ming."


[After the e-mail is closed, the "Z" from Zhou Ming is marked on the map]


[At Zhou Ming's Club in East Island City, Dukes, Huang enters the Club and Zhou Ming's Theme Song plays]


Zhou: So Huang, I got a little plan that will show Chan who we are.

Huang: You're not gonna kill him, are you?

Zhou: No, something else, I'm gonna go ambush the deal that's been going on with the Hustlers to prove Chan that I'm not scared of them, and you're gonna help me.

Huang: All this to prove a point?

Zhou: Don't be ridiculous, this also might increase my chance to replace Hsin's spot as the leader.

Huang: Fine, I'll come with you.

Zhou: Just... Don't mess this up kid, my car will be waiting for me outside.


[The cutscene ends with Zhou entering the passenger seat of the Turismo that is parked outside of the club]


Get in Zhou's Car


[Huang enters the driver seat of Zhou's Blue Colored Turismo]


Go to the drug deal


[Huang drives to Firefly Projects where the drug deal is taking place, and two Hustlers approach them, starting a cutscene as Zhou Ming's theme plays]


Hustler: Ey' this place is Hustlers only, playa.

Zhou: Don't "playa" me! Apparently, we're here for some business

Hustler: Well, we do know your plan! So we can straiht' up ruin it man!

Zhou: How about I'll ruin you first! [Zhou then aims his minigun to the Hustler]

Hustler: Yo' this man straiht' up want to ambush the deal, ice the fool!


[Huang and Zhou then takes cover as the Hustlers start shooting at Huang and Zhou, ending the cutscene]


Protect Zhou from the Hustlers.


[Huang and Zhou start gunfighting with the Hustlers]


[After the gunfight, Huang receives an important e-mail]


From: Chan Jaoming

Subject: Drug & Lowrider Party


"Hey man,


So in honor of me almost becoming the big boss, I'll be hosting a Drug Deal and a Lowrider Competition, and I appreciate if you are coming, the boat thing didn't end well, so this is my decision, hopefully it wont screw up this time.

I'm at BOABO.


Sincerely yours,

Chan Jaoming"


[After closing the e-mail triggers another cutscene with no theme song]


Huang: Apparently, Chan is hosting a Lowrider Competition and a Drug Deal, and he invited me.

Zhou: A Lowrider Competition in Liberty City?

Huang: I can't disobey his orders Zhou, so I'll have to go.

Zhou: No wait, I'll be coming with you.


Get back in Zhou's Car


[Huang and Zhou enter Zhou's Turismo]


Go to BOABO.


[Huang drives the Turismo to BOABO, the same place where Chan got kidnapped to in Jackin' Chan]


[A cutscene triggers with Chan Jaoming's Theme Song playing]


Zhou: So you think I'm scared of the Hustlers?

Chan: Complete nonsense, Huang, why did you bring Zhou?

Huang: He's right, I was with him, we both ambushed the drug deal, since Zhou apparently used his favorite Minigun again.

Chan: Look, the Tongs are here right now, this is my only way to impress them.

Zhou: By the way, I also took some Heroin from the Hustlers, and I have my ride.

Chan: So you really did ambush the drug deal?

Zhou: Anyway...


[Suddenly a LCPD helicopter and two LCPD Cruisers come, and the Triads at the event run away]


Police Officer: LCPD! Don't move!

Police Officer#2: Chan Jaoming! You are under arrest for hosting illegal events! You two are also under arrest for being involved in the shootout with the Hustlers!

Zhou: f*ck! Let's get ourselves out of here!


[Huang and Zhou managed to escape, Chan attempted to escape too, but it was too late for him as he got surrounded]


[Huang and Zhou enter the Turismo with this time Zhou driving, as it skips to Zhou's Club]


[A cutscene triggers with Zhou's Theme playing]


Zhou: Man that was intense! Not to mention the fact that they got Chan.

Huang: If Hsin hears that Chan is now in jail, he's gonna be pretty pissed.

Zhou: You got a point... Anyway, I suggest that you and me should lay low for a little while.


Mission Passed!

5+ Heroin



Mission Replay Description: 


"Zhou and I had to do yet another retarded adventure,


Just to prove Chan that he is a badass too, by ambushing a deal of the Husters,

and to prove that Zhou isn't scared of them.


When I saw Zhou and Chan face-to-face for the first time, the police came and arrested Chan while me and Zhou survived,

Hsin's going to be real pissed off..."






Edited by ElPatron036

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Nice idea. It reminds me of how I wanted to write up some custom missions if Alderney was to be featured in the game. I'll think of something and drop by here later.

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Posted (edited)

Good, to be honest, might as well write some missions too where it takes place in Alderney, because if Chinatown Wars will have a remake, then that there is chance that Alderney will be in the game with extra missions, because Alderney was scrapped due to the hardware limit. And can't wait to see yours!

Edited by ElPatron036

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Just now, ElPatron036 said:

Good, to be honest, might as well write some missions too where it takes place in Alderney, because if Chinatown Wars will have a remake, then that there is chance that Alderney will be in the game with extra missions, because Alderney was scrapped due to the hardware limit. And can't wait to see yours!

First of all we would need a bit of an explaination as to why Huang would visit Alderney. I had this idea to add yet another Asian character that would serve as Huang's friend and you would have like 20 missions after completing the main story, set in Alderney. Perhaps a new main antagonist could be there and some GTA IV characters could reappear.

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Mission Name: Albanian Assault

For: Wu Lee

Available after: Kenny Strikes Back


Huang gets an e-mail from Kenny: 

Subject: Trouble in Bohan!

"My dear nephew, be careful while traversing through Bohan. Half of the area is under tight control of the Spanish Lords, while on the eastern side heavy gang wars have broken up. Please meet me at our place in East Island City, I need to tell you more! Yours, uncle Kenny."


At the place, Wu's theme starts.

Kenny: Huang, you know why I was telling you about Bohan?
Huang: Because that's where the Spanish Lords hang out?
Kenny: Exactly, but not only. The Koreans are getting influence in the area too. But there is a huge splinter forcing them to back off - a dying Albanian criminal organisation. I heard that they keep murdering each other on the streets of Little Bay, the area became a combat training ground!

Huang: Interesting. What does it have to do with Yu Jian?

Kenny: Err... nothing. But the Koreans are surely innocent on this one. Hsin keeps suspecting them that they're up to something but I don't think this way. They have been our allies since the time of the dawn. Now I want you to go over to Little Bay and oversee the area. Pick up some guys from Cerveza Heights in case things get a little... sour.

Huang: Will do, uncle.


Huang leaves.

Go and pick up your backup.


There are two goons standing by the Cluckin' Bell in Cerveza Heights, armed with SMG's. Upon approaching them:
Huang: Kenny told me to pick you guys up. We're going uptown, to Bohan.

Triad: I don't like this. The Koreans shoot everyone on sight there.


Go to Little Bay.

Once you arrive there, you can see Albanians and Koreans running around and gunning each others down with Micro SMG's. 

Triad: See what I meant? I don't know what the f*ck we are supposed to be doing here!
Huang: Me neither but that's what uncle ordered us to do.


A Korean then approaches your car.

Korean: Hey, wha' you lugin faw? Are you from tha Triad?
Huang: Even if, what is it to you?

Korean: This is Korean turf naw. Back off.

(the cutscene shows the Korean holding a Shotgun)

Huang: Hey, we are not here to kill around. We're just... on holiday!

Korean: Hawliday or not, ged oudda tha caw.

Triad: There we go...

Huang: Don't you need help with them Albanians?

Korean: Actually, yes.


The Triads and Huang leave the car, the Korean runs off into an alleyway.


Kill the Albanians attacking the Koreans.


There will be 10 goons packing Micro SMG's. Upon killing them, the Korean will come back.

Korean: Thank yaw for tha halp. But as I saed, this is Korean turf naw.

The Korean then shoots and kills one of the Triads.

Triad: Motherf*cker!


Take down all the Koreans on the scene.


There will be about 20 Koreans armed with Micro SMG's, AK-47's and Shotguns. Kill them all, then get back into a car.


Drive back to Kenny's place. Watch out for any Koreans trying to stop you!


On the way to the safehouse you will encounter Korean Chavoses and they will drive-by at you with Micro SMG's. Upon entering the yellow marker, another cutscene initiates, Wu's theme plays. Kenny comes out of the house and greets Huang and the Triad.


Kenny: What happened, what went down?

Huang: Well, the overseeing part didn't go so good. The Albanians are finished and the Koreans need to stock up on manpower until they can make any operations in Bohan again.

Kenny: Huang, what did you do?!

Triad: Boss, we went to check the place out and...

Kenny: Shut your mouth! Huang, explain!

Huang: As he said, and then some Korean approached us, we killed some Albanians with them but they turned on us. We had to fight our way out of this!

Triad: And my friend's DEAD.

Kenny: Well, now that is a disappointment. I will have to make some arrangements. This time, I guess, it's not your fault. Backstabbers are everywhere! You don't even know if someone from your family is not ratting you out.

The cutscene ends, Kenny and the Triad enter the safehouse. Mission passed, reward: Acid 4+.


Mission replay description:

"Uncle Kenny told me to check out a gang war between some Albanians and Koreans up in Bohan.


Things got messy, them Europeans won't be able to get back on their feet.


Now Uncle's even more angry! Nothing is going like it should."



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Mission Name: Revolving Rodeo

For: Chan Jaoming

Available after: The Fandom Menace


Huang gets an e-mail from Chan.

Subject: What are they thinking?!



Some stuff happened with the operations, come and see me.


Yours truly,



At Chan's Garage in Hooper Street, East Island City, Dukes, Chan's theme starts playing

Chan: The press is f*cking useless! How didn't they manage to get a picture from Zhou?

Huang: What's your problem with that? What does that have to do with the race to be the leader of the Triads?

Chan: Listen Huang, if the press did manage to get a photo from Zhou, then the Triads would have a great leader.

Huang: Interesting...

Chan: Other than that, two f*cking men sold my father out! They're gonna reveal our operations to our rival gangs! The Spanish Lords and the Hustlers!

Huang: Hold up, you care about your father?

Chan: You can suck my cock already Huang, killing them will make my father sleep easy, and it will make me impress him.

Huang: So who are the rats?

Chan: We're unsure about it, but I did manage to get their numbers, so I put a tracker in a car that is outside, and with that you can easily find them.

Huang: Screw you.


Huang leaves as the cutscene ends

Chan has put a tracker in his car, get in.

Huang gets in a black Cognoscenti


Go to the Spanish Lords Turf



Huang drives to Fortside in Bohan where he meets a couple of Spanish Lords hanging out in the place

Spanish Lord: Hey Triad, what's your problem, get the f*ck out of here.

Huang: The problem here is that you'll stay the f*ck away from our operations.

Spanish Lord: Go f*ck yourself kid, the man is doing the right thing.

Huang: Yeah, sure it is you f*cking douchebag!


Take down the Spanish Lords


Huang starts gunning the Spanish Lords down trying to kill Huang


Meet the rat.


Huang then walks up to Xai (The guy who gives Huang and Melanie a drug in the mission Half Cut)


Xai: Hey, f*ck off Huang, I was busy and now you killed them all?

Huang: What the f*ck Xai! Ungrateful little horsedick! You let me and Mel do all the dirty work and this is how you repay us?

Xai: Like I care, by the way, we're going to enjoy seeing your blood.


Xai enters his Black Burrito and drives away as two Spanish Lords start shooting at Huang while Huang takes cover


Don't let Xai get out alive!


Huang enters the Cognoscenti and chases after Xai, shooting at Xai's Black Burrito


Xai goes out of his van, Huang shoots him, successfully killing him


Go to the Hustlers Turf


Huang drives to Firefly Projects where he sees two Hustlers walking to Huang


Hustler: Lissen' playa, you have three seconds to get the f*ck outta' here and cry to your mommy Zhou.

Huang: Oh go f*ck yourself little sh*t, like I am a pussy.

Hustler: Look, stop wastin' our time kid, our homeboy Noh is gonna tell us yo' information.


Take down the Hustlers


Huang starts shooting at the Hustlers who are shooting Huang.


Meet the rat.


Huang then walks up to Noh (The guy who appears in the mission Stealing the Show when Huang doesn't have 20 weeds)


Huang: Zhou wont be pleased about your attitude you little f*ck!

Noh: No! I was close to tell them, you f*cking sh*thead.

Huang: Yeah, I don't care.

Noh: Well go kiss Hsin goodbye, time for you to reunite with your father!


Noh starts shooting at Huang with his Stubby Shotgun, but misses due to Huang taking cover as the cutscene ends


Take down Noh


Huang starts shooting at Noh, killing him,


Huang gets an e-mail from Zhou:

Subject: Chan wants to see you



That moron Chan wants to see you about something, apparently he's pissed after you killed Xai, but at least

I'm fine with you killing Noh, that piece of sh*t deserved it for ratting us all out, so I'll come too in case Chan

does anything dumb. Meet him at South Slopes


Yours truly,



Go to the meeting square


Huang then goes to the meeting square, a cutscene triggers with Chan's theme playing and Chan and his men coming to meet Huang


Huang: Listen Chan, I can explain.

Chan: Don't try to weasel your way out Huang! You have made a TERRIBLE mistake!

Huang: Chan...

Chan: Xai was MY f*ckING ASSOCIATE! And you had to kill him you punk!

Huang: What..?

Chan: Admit that it's your fault!

Huang: Dude! Xai was one of the targets in your tracker, you should be grateful that I caused a bloodbath! 

Chan: Liar! Xai would never do such sh*t!


Zhou comes


Zhou: He's telling the truth, you asked Huang to do it.

Chan: I ordered him to kill the rats who were gonna reveal the Triads information to our enemies.

Zhou: Please Chan, if Huang spared Xai, the Spanish Lords and the Hustlers will be on our ass.

Chan: Noh was the only traitor! I could have never trusted him since my birth!

Huang: Chan, for once stop being a dumbass

Zhou: I went into the Spanish Lords turf and got our information that Xai has stolen.

Chan: Hmm.. Guess you were right, but we'll be watching you Huang, and you too Zhou.


Chan, Zhou and Chan's Men walk away


Mission Passed

Estacy 15+


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