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(Guide) How to get rid of (some) phone calls (need confirmation)


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I'm surprised that many people don't know about this.

For all those annoying beggars asking you to do jobs for them, just do them a favor once in a lifetime:

  • call mission contact

  • request job in the menu

  • wait for new invitation to pop up

  • accept job

  • do a quick contact mission

I never got any calls after that. I think you're able to request another job if you don't like the one offered. Iirc i had to request some missions from Madrazo until he offered me a simple contact mission and no dispatch or adversary mode. I don't know if you have to play the job at all, i just played it, didn't take long.


You can do this for

  • Martin

  • Ron

  • Simeon

  • Brucie (call him to get some BST to start juicin')

At least these are the ones i remember to frequently call me about doing work for them.


After purchasing the special vehicles, only Paige calls me now, although i did every client job and 1 resupply mission of each kind. Does anyone know the exact criteria for how to shup her up once and for all?


Also, if someone can test this out and confirm this, it'd be great. I can only speak for myself. My game got way more silent after the last purchases and doing this.


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Unfortunately, most persistent nagging calls are for properties that players don't want to buy, the only way to stop those is buying the property.


The mission reminder calls are less annoying (IMO).



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Luigi Vercetti

oh that's interesting, I really didn't know that.

I'm gonna try it whenI get home, these 4 plus

LJT and Paige are truly annoying .

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I think you don't need to even do the mission, just calling them and requesting is enough.


No way to shut up Paige. But if you never do a single Terrorbyte mission in the first place, she won't call.


Only way to shut up LJT is to shut down all biker businesses and make sure they have supplies in the green before doing that. Unfortunately now with Nightclub business, one needs to have the biker businesses open for the nightclub techs to accrue goods should one want to take advantage of it.

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