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Best Quote?


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Where's Barbara with big titties and Stephanie who sucks like a vacuum??? - Niko Belić

Edited by MihajloS
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This isn't really a real quote, but as I was walking down the walkway with Michelle and entered Memory Lanes the conversation was interrupted. 


"...Oh, the Midwest. You probably know more people here than me." (We enter Memory Lanes) "Here we are, this will be fun. Let's play a few frames." and Niko said "More assholes maybe."


Sounded as if Niko wanted to play with some assholes.





Edited by Americana
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Edited by yurmad
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  • 1 month later...

You were the stupid one Vlady boy! - Niko Belić.

Edited by MihajloS
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  • 4 months later...

This exchange, mostly because of Niko's delivery and the best laugh of all time:


Niko: You wanna know something funny?

Pegorino: Not really

Niko: The commission - the old families - I know some of those guys. And they...thought you...were a fat. f*cking. joke.

Pegorino: Whatever

Niko: A joke! Huh-hahahahahahahahahahahah *bang*

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  • 5 months later...

‘You didn’t change the game, the game changed you’


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"You know Roman, I've already committed grand theft auto four times since coming to Liberty City." - Niko Bellic in Uncle Vlad

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JaeDan 101

N I K O   L E T ' S   G O   B O W L I N G !

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Pepsi Man

I just love when Niko is pissed and fights people: "I'LL CUT OFF YOUR F*CKING HEAD!", "I'll rip your heart out!", "COME ONNN, TEST ME! TEST ME!". He has the best written dialogue for all situations in GTA for me, 2nd spot being taken by CJ.

Edited by Nikobu02Gamer
Poor Grammar
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Dubai Africa America whats the matter? 

We cant change rules of the game nico bellic
we can play the game but we cant change the rules
Or Smth like dat

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JaeDan 101

Gerald: Come in!

(Niko comes in)

Gerald: You want beer?

Niko: No thank you

Gerald: Oh, I agree... let's have whiskey instead!

Edited by JaeDan 101
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