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Best Quote?


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dutch PLAN der linde

After you walk into a strip club, and you see 50 children, all sittin neatly in a row against the wall, each with their assholes f*cked, and their dicks chopped off, you relize that 10 years of theraphy is not enough


  ~Niko Bellic,2008~

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  • 3 weeks later...

I just played Taking in the Trash and while escaping from the pursuing car in the trash truck there was a line from Luca that I hadn't heard before that made me laugh: "Defend that ice like it's your c*nt" :lol:

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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1)"You know, if there is one thing I have learned, it's that we must obey the rules of the game. We can pick the game, Niko Bellic, but we cannot change the rules"

2)"Niko: I'm sorry... I've ruined your life.

 Roman: No. Don't be like that... we can find a way out of this... bunch of idiot Russians...

 Niko: I will kill every one of them.

 Roman: No... that's exactly what you won't do. We don't have time for revenge. We can't afford it.

 Niko: What can we afford?"



Two of the my most favorite quotes/scenes from this masterpiece of a game. 

Edited by Prayag 97
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Niko: "So either give me your word or go f*ck urself I'm sick of this sh*t!"

Ray: "Fine you want my word u have my word. Who is he?"

Niko: "Florian Cravic".

Ray: "Haha. FLORIAN f*ckING CRAVIC?"


And also this:

Niko: "This the merchandise?"

Ray: "No it's my lunchhh".

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On 2/24/2019 at 3:41 PM, CryptReaperDorian said:

"Piss! Balls!"

"Dog lover!"

"Maybe you could also make love to my wife!"

"Not only do you not pay for the ride, but you make the car smell of pig sh*t!"

"I thought you would say you want go to a brothel full of men."


-- Mohammed

HeadDick! - Mohammed

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--I am really hoping the Roman realizes you are a free loading sh!t hole so I don"t have to drive you again. (Mohammed)

--Yokel! (Vlad)

--U p!čku mater!nu (Niko)

--Bombaclat (Little Jacob)

--Pusshole! (Little Jacob)

--Niko it"s Roman..... L e t s    G o    B o w l i n g

--You f..king b!tch! (Niko to Michelle)

Edited by __SAAB__9-3__
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The Cousins Bellic is just great quote after great quote.


"I come here, and the only thing big about your life is the cockroaches."


"Okay, I'm an idiot, but you must admit I have the best line in bullsh*t you ever heard."


"Oooh... mystery man, strange and exotic sailor! What happened? Did your captain make you pregnant?"

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Niko :”Where are you Roman ?”

Roman :”Psst Niko over here”. 

Niko :”hohoho Roman what are you doing in the dumpster man?”. 

Roman :”Are they here?”

Niko :”What are you talking about? Get out of there man”.

Roman :”I’m freaking out man Im being followed I saw them!”

Niko :”Don’t be ridiculous you’re being paranoid.”

Roman :”I’m being paranoid?”

(favorite moment) 

f*ck You, f*ck YOU! everything was fine and then You show up 



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"I raised that kid like he was my own. I beat him like he was my own son! When my son killed himself, Anthony became my son. Now this? The world is a c*nt!" - Jimmy Pegorino

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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"Holy f*ck is this America or Colombia?" - quote I hadn't heard before from a woman who's car I jacked in Schottler yesterday lol


"It's time to break you apart like Yugoslavia!" - taunt you can hear while fighting Russian goons


"If I knock your teeth out will you give me a blowjob?" - random Spanish Lord while fighting

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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7 hours ago, Max.pain said:

someone already mentioned in another topic but “i don’t have any bananas” is legendary i think.

That and "stupid malaka!" are the most legendary in the game :D 

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Bulgarin's henchman throws diamonds into traffic... 


Niko:"Jebeno isto." 



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"Meat cleavers are so f*cking 90's, you gotta go with a cordless drill" - random gang member chatting lol


"This is what feminism is all about" - Brucie while sitting in a strip club watching pole dancers


"As long as I got a face you got a place to sit" - some gross dude leering at women


"I hate f*cking Italians, racist f*cks they are" - Albanian gang member


"I hope we meet Serb soon so I can f*ck him up" - another Albanian gang member (he did meet the Serb soon after 😛)


I just constantly hear great quotes in this game lol. The gangs are all hilarious



Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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Alex: "I think I'll change the world"

Niko: "Like Stalin?"


Alex: *drunk rambling*

Niko: "Sit quietly please"


Lmao I love Niko's deadpan responses to the internet girlfriends' bullsh*t

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