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Gameplay #2 Discussion

Recommended Posts

Hell yaaa bro. Is this our seperate thread right here for the discussion??

Well of course it is but the spoiler free one acts as general chat and this is actual topic related one specific thing, right?;p help the blonde 

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Very cool. Can't wait to see what Rockstar has in store for this gameplay trailer. I think I'm most excited to further see just how in depth hanging out with gang members is (hanging with them in side activities, maybe choosing whomever you'd like for missions, just free roaming with them, etc). Either way can't wait to see what they have planned in this one.

Edited by Odenied
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See y'all bright and early. Crazy how we ALL had our predictions right for once 😁 just knew gameplay would be this week. Now let's see if the gone gold announcement prediction, previews part 2, and maybe a feature, ALL this week, is true as well.

Tomorrow we start a new. October will be here in the US in approximately one hour from now.. Jesus the hype is getting crazy!! Goodnight 

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I get that this thread is for talking about the new gameplay trailer only, but considering today will be all about the gameplay trailer anyway, do we really need a thread beside the main one? I'm just worried we'll be splitting the "new" and still rather small community into two parallel threads where we'll be talking about the exact same thing today anyway. Dunno, just my two cents :)

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Is it possible to lock the discussion thread @Spider-Vice a bit before the trailer drops and pin this one. Like you did previously in the original forum?


Think it worked well before and will stop the community split with posting gameplay info as mentioned above by @Kaversmed

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I’ve had a little of three hours sleep...luckily I don’t have work until later this week, my hype is stronger than f*ckin caffeine at the moment so adding coffe to the mix, well...

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2 minutes ago, GRANDHEIST said:

How long you think it's going to be? 


Common sense would indicate that it can't be shorter than the introduction

I'm going for an optimistic 7:30 ish. 

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3 minutes ago, J.Dillinger Blackheart said:

Top of the morning fellas how's everyone doing? I have a feeling this will be good 1 I kinda don't want to watch all of it

So glad you found your way back to us dude! Just in time for a kick-ass day 😃 and I feel you on that. I'm always like ehhh I wanna see it but at the same time I don't just because it's so close but I always trust R* with keeping surprises they're the best with that!! 

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I can't handle this....


Expected to wake up this morning, some banter, more speculation, waiting for weapons and stuff...


And then this...


What are you doing to us Randomstar? (Perfect marketing campain)


Anyone got an update of that HUGE poster going up? Was it LA...

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