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A Stacy in a Mercedes (Short spoken word / lowkey poem)

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A Stacy in a Mercedes, 

turns off her phone and switches place as life drives on,

sunglasses half her face, after all life is a race.

Oh, this leather seat... in L.A.'s heat,


Stacy in a Mercedes, hopefully the guys won't irritate,

Lights a cigarette, with that same sentence that still echoes her, 

How    did    I    not    know    what    to    wear?


To the party of the guy with the colored hair,

A  party-goer who's now a sir,

A businessman who's now a vegan leaving to Japan,

And maybe, just maybe he's for my spirit and we should talk again.

The   sweets   are   for   my   comfort   every   now   and   then,

I   wanted   London   but   got   war,   I   want   solace,   when? 

Look friend, fears never end,

They just comes and go.

They come and go.


Stacy in a Mercedes rocks the highway, front lights off, 

Another idiot with his signal, driving? Illegal?

Oh you complicated people...


And you - clinging to my hand,

So much hair on that chest,

It don't fit at all, in L.A.'s heat, 

Oh give me a break Chad, get a clue,

I'm going out, but not with you


To the party of the guy with the colored hair,

Was a party-goer and now a sir,

A businessman who's a now a vegan leaving to Japan

And maybe, just maybe he's for my spirit and we should talk again,





It's about people pursuing the fun of the moment in life, and then realizing as time comes to settle down - what surrounds them is not how they want to settle down.

And in that moment, suddenly remembering the people you turned down years ago and how well they are doing now, without you.

You start recalculating your decisions and looking for second chances.

But is that not too late? 

They guy with the colored hair is already leaving, perhaps the boat has sailed. Life is a race and you can't catch up.

Edited by Kratos2000

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