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I have a problem with GTA VC on my laptop. Some small explosions (in amount of 2-3 not in a row) or 1 big (Like on Haity Factory) makes GTA VC crash with unhandled exception with differents codes each time. (also Versetti first mission where we need to destroy the glasses in shop, but here i get the same code each time when i destroy some glasses) This problem follow me on WIN 7-64bit and on current WIN10 64bit. I try to change DEP settings, different exe versions (1.0, 1.1), clean digital and clean steam copy - anyway its crash (with Silent Patch too) I also cant launch the game with DEP on/on only for gta vc and get crash in DEP off. FPS lock on 30 (default gta settings lock).

Nvidia GeForce GT630m, intel Pentium b980 2 cores 2.4ghz, 4gb ram, windows 10 64bit

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Yeah, I tried each compatibility (best one is XP SP2) and admin sets to default (properties>always run as admin √)

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