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GTA V on new PC


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I was playing GTA V since 2015 on my old PC but I just bought new PC. I've got 2 problems.

1. This PC hasn't got CD - Rom, so I can't install it with CD.

2. I can't download it from website - it say this code is registred.


I want to play it. I bought it in the first day of sale and I payed 60 euros for it! Please help. 

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I have beautiful 7 DISC pack from store near my house. So it isn't steam wersion. I tried it too but it wasn't working.

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On 9/29/2018 at 10:24 AM, DMThePro123 said:

Steam doesn't work?

You can't mix and match Steam & Social Club versions as they have very difference log in methods.


On 9/29/2018 at 11:02 AM, TomasikPo said:

I have beautiful 7 DISC pack from store near my house. So it isn't steam wersion. I tried it too but it wasn't working.

Contact R* Support and tell them of the issue and request that they open the download link for downloading but I will warn you it won't be a quick process you will have to prove that you own the social club account, actually own the CD Key in question by producing receipts ect.


It might just be cheaper to just repurchase the game via online digital store or go buy a USB CD/DVD Rom and install that way

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Question: If I buy a new boxed version of GTAV PC with DVD discs, can I use the Rockstar Activation Code in the box on the GTAV PC Social Club Activation page to download the game instead of installing from the discs?
Question: If I activate a new boxed version of GTAV PC using the Rockstar Activation Code in the box, can I also later download a digital copy of the game from the Social Club site using the same Social Club account?
Question: If I buy GTAV PC from a digital retailer and have to get a new computer hard drive, but the original download link expired, can I re-download GTAV PC from Rockstar Games?

Answer: Yes. When you use a Rockstar Activation Code to activate a copy of GTAV PC, your Social Club account becomes entitled to access the game, whether you choose to install and use the DVD version, buy the game from a digital retailer that hosts its own GTAV download, or download from the GTAV PC Social Club Activation page. Also, the Rockstar Activation Code included in a new physical version of GTAV PC can be used to download the game from Social Club (for example, if your Internet and DVD speeds mean downloading would be faster than installing from discs; or, if you accidentally damage one of your discs in the future).

Please note that the Rockstar Activation Codes included in a new boxed version of GTAV PC or provided through Rockstar Warehouse cannot be used to add GTAV to your Steam library.

Please also remember that Rockstar Activation Codes are “one use” codes that are tied to your Social Club account when you activate the game and Social Club accounts cannot be transferred. For details, please refer to the Grand Theft Auto V PC System Specs.

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