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Searching in V broken


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When I try searching in V, it only brings up results in update.rpf and outside of rpf files, but not anywhere else.

(can't find the screenshots I used here)

Edited by Zolika1351
undid hax
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I get 55 results if I search for vehicles.meta in just the game folder and that's on game version 1493. If I search everywhere, I get 79 results, so it is missing a lot of results in your searches. Are any of your rpf files corrupted at all, or does your game still work fine?


One thing I do notice, is that there is no text in the search box as well. When I search, the text I searched for stays in the search box. Although it looks like you're on Windows 8 or 10, so it might behave differently, I'm on Win 7.


I have noticed that if I search when the game is running, I get completely different results because it only searches in update.rpf... I only get 24 results for vehicles.meta when the game is running. There is definitely something going on with the search, that's for sure...


It might be worth trying an older version of OpenIV, I can't go backwards because Gims will complain about the file vesions being incorrect.



Edited by Guest
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  • 4 weeks later...
OpenIV Team

The search is not working correctly when game is running. (You actually should not mess with files while it running)
Anyway, it will be fixed in future updates.

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