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Honest, simple and serious question!


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So, what's the policy for issueing bans here? First a warning, either by PM or in public, and after the "delinquent" doesn't bother with ya, then ban, or warning + insta ban? 


See, the thing is, I just served out a temp ban, after never getting a warning personally. It's not very clear what the reasons for my ban are, since it got edited by the mod, who I for now will not name, to a reason which really doesn't merit a ban at all. 

So, what's the policy? Ban because someone deserves it, or just for the heck of it? 

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Algonquin Assassin

There really isn't a "policy" because it depends on the situation. Some people get multiple warnings before they get banned. Others get 1 warning before they're banned. Others just get banned straight away for a multitude of reasons like trolling, being alter accounts, PBMs etc.


We deal with 100s of people everyday and the variance is far too great to follow one procedure. I won't comment on your temp ban, but it might be a good idea to try and get in contact with the moderator.

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Maybe it is a good idea to have some sort of policy so people don't feel treated unfairly or feel treated by a biased moderator in some way. If every moderator acts in his own way, you will get questions and certain biased opinions towards specific moderators and their actions. I got accused for baiting which wasn't the case at all. I got to endure some serious abuse in a certain thread and didn't respond with the same sort of abuse at all. Even if letting it be and reporting posts from members would have been the wiser choice, it didn't merit a temp ban. 

Your advice to get in touch with the moderator who banned me is taken in appreciation, though I don't feel warm and fuzzy at the idea of doing so, since he/she gave me no chance to respond at all. 


A different moderator notified publicly that all off-topic comments from a certain point would be deleted. Then another moderator felt the need to step in and slam the ban hammer. I'm not saying I didn't deserve a fair warning, but I do feel the case has been dealt with far too harsh in my case. And, in case this moderator feels he acted justified, I expect him/her to treat every other member in the same fashion from now on. I will help reminding him/her by reporting similar posts as mine if needed. 

To be clear, I'm not holding any grudges. I'm just extremely disappointed in the treatment I got. In my opinion, it was totally uncalled for. If "be civil, baiting for responses without saying anything constructive is annoying" is a reason to ban members, I'll expect a lot more ban hammer swinging from this mod. 


To the moderator in question: My PM box is open for conversation. If you would choose not to, you'll void any reason for temp banning me for the edited reason you used to issue your penalty for. 


Edited by Guest
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This post was the warning. You flagrantly ignored that and continued posting off topic nonsense, hence the escalation to a temp ban; this was given to the other people involved as well.


It probably wouldn't have been as harsh if you and the others involved hadn't already mentioned how the spat was off topic, then decided to continue dragging the thread down anyway, which was kinda taking the piss at that point. 

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In all fairness, if Mach issued the warning, it is up to him how he deals with people who derail. Had you issued the initial warning and told us we'd be risking a ban, you'd get no questions from me. In this case, I do have my opinion about your actions and it's of the disappointed kind, which I will not go into detail about here. To be fair, I didn't flagantly ignore Mach's message, I was severly provoked with lots of abusive sh*tslinging, in case you hadn't noticed yet. Uncalled for abusive sh*tslinging. 


If going off topic after a fair request of a moderator is against the rules, then maybe I should help you fellows by reporting posts like such, because you've missed quite a few. 

Even the best teams could use some help, right?


Edited by Guest
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Yes, the general idea is to use the report feature instead of engaging such posts. 


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1 hour ago, McGhee said:

In all fairness, if Mach issued the warning, it is up to him how he deals with people who derail. 

Situation got handled appropriately. I warned. You ignored. Situation got escalated to higher management. 

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