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(GTA SA) Weird Traily/Flickering/Pixely Lines and Textures? *MODDED AND STEAM VERSION*

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Okay, so I'll try to explain this the best I can. This is my first thread and it's going to be a bit long but this has been bugging me for some time now. Around 8 months ago, I bought and installed GTA San Andreas from steam, I then downgraded the game, putting it into a new directory and made it so I could actually add mods to it. Everything was fine up until last month. Basically I wanted to try San Andreas Multiplayer, so I installed SAMP into a totally different directory. Keeping it separate from the one I was installing mods in. I played SAMP for a couple of days. But then I realised that even though SAMP was installed in a different directory, it was still causing problems with the modded GTA SA (which was in a different directory). Long story short I ended up purposely deleting both the directory for SAMP, my modded GTA SA and the User Files Folder which was in my documents. However, I still wanted to play my modded GTA, so last month, I decided to reinstall the game from steam, downgrade it and make it moddable again following the EXACT same steps and using the same programs which I kept on my computer when I did it last time (which was 8 month ago). This entire process took all night and once I finally finished I was extremely tired. I then started up the game and played it for a little bit and everything was fine, and then I slowly started to notice weird texture patterns with certain objects and buildings which I honestly can't remember seeing them there before. I'll post a video of what I mean since it is too hard to explain. But It was very weird, it was strangely apparent on things such as house rooves, fences,trees, grids, buildings in the distance and garage doors. It was almost like a traily pattern every time you moved the camera or went near/further away from them. Its like you can see the pixels of the objects moving every time you moved the camera, or when near/further away from them. Everything seemed to be a bit more "pixely" than usual almost like it was the resolution (the resolution I use is 1920x1080x32, never really used any other since the first day I made it moddable and I've always had the mip mapping turned on). I didn't really notice it at first, it seemed like it just came on gradually for me to notice them. It seems only mininmal but now since I know they're there it has been giving me massive OCD every time I drive past certain objects which have this "problem". And the most frustrating thing is, I honestly can't remember if these types of problems where apparent the first time I made it moddable. It has been playing on my mind so much over the past month. I tried tweaking with every single setting, no luck. I tried removing all the mods and patches, installing and testing them one by one, no difference. I even went back into my recycle bin and restored the original modded GTA SA directory I made the first time (8 month ago) and that was the same, hell I even went and tried the steam version and even that was the same. So, I really don't know where this feeling I'm having is coming from. I've seen all the screenshots I took and I've watched all the clips I recorded with Fraps and OBS Recorder of GTA SA from when I first made it moddable and I cannot distinguish a single noticeable difference. Even on the videos I recorded, it looked pixely/trailey, as if it was always there but I just didn't notice them unlike now I find it distracting. I also watched a bunch of videos of GTA SA on the internet and all of them looked similar (it was hard to tell with some). So, I really cant tell if it is the game that's different or if it's just my OCD and probably staying up all night "affected" my brain to notice them more and see it differently or something. It's annoying that I feel like there is a difference from the first time I made it moddable but yet I have no real proof of it ever being different in the first place.  Anyway, I'm going to post a bunch of videos of this "problem" in a sec as well as a bunch of videos in the span from the first time I made it moddable (January-August) when I didn't have a problem, see if there is any real difference. I just want someone to give me there opinion and say if it's normal for it to be like this. I'm sorry if I'm not providing a good enough comparison but this is the best I could do.












Here are just a bunch of random clips I recorded of GTA SA from the first time I made it moddable. This was before I had noticed this "problem" and everything was fine. I do not own any of the music played in these videos btw. P.S watch on 1080p.












Okay, so this is my "problem". Notice how when I move the camera, you can see the pixels moving on the fences, the windows, the gates, some of the details on the Rhino (tank), the train tracks and the roofs of houses.






On these video's, notice how you can see the pixels moving on the three cone things and the fences. Also, notice there is a traily pattern on the church roof and the building which says "Ideal Homies Store" on it.




On this video you can see that traily like pattern on the palm trees as I drive past them. You can see it on the fences surrounding the stadium and then you can see the traily pattern on the garage doors as well as the fences next to them.




On this video, you can see it on the car park lines behind Clucking Bell.




On the car park lines outside the adult shop and the airport runway lines once I enter. You can also see a traily pattern on the fences surrounding the airport.




The barriers on the freeway and details on the cars.




Patterns on the houses on Santa Maria beach especially the safe house an the garage. Then there is a pattern on the brick wall next to the Pay and Spray.




Patterns on the pillar things at Unity station and the 69cent/bomb garage.




Patterns on the trees and the Pay and Spray.




Pattern on the wall surrounding the skate park.




The brick floor next to the mulholland intersection.




Traily lines as I'm getting close to CJ's house.




Wavy lines on the house rooves as well as them grid things on the house in front of me at the start of the vid and the grid things on Sweets house.




Pattern on the fence next to the military base in San Fierro.




On the fence to the left as I'm driving past.




Pattern on the brick wall near Los Santos Airport.




You can ESPECIALLY see it on the steps of the pier.




Patterns on the walls/gates of houses on Santa Maria beach as I'm driving past.





The stack of plates in the kitchen of CJ's house (wavy lines)




Patterns on the rooftops of houses in Las Venturas.




Patterns on the lights of Casinos to the left as well as road signs.




Patterns on the roof of the Four Dragons Casino and the roulette table.




(In this cutscene) A wavy pattern on the hotel in the background and the rope barricade that surrounds it.




These are just videos of me driving around but you can still see what I mean on some trees and other textures.




Now these are the types of things I definitely don't remember seeing the first time I made it moddable. On the back of the W Motors Lykan Hypersport, there is a traily pattern on a texture at the back of the car. This is something I definitely don't remember seeing there before (or maybe it has always been there and I probably didn't notice, I just don't know!).

Edited by TheCage123

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