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My 6th Rockstar game I’ve bought at launch night!

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I was 16 when grand theft auto 3 came out.  Distinctly remember going to gamestop and picking it up. When vice city came out, I was on the way home from football practice and blew a tire!  Luckily we had a caravan heading to the mall to get the game and I had some help. All my high school buddies crowded around my furniture/tv set...get in the first car and Billie jean was playing. Wow.  We were floored.  San Andreas I was a freshman in college. Picked it up and skipped school rest of week. Gta4 I was a senior in college and remember it was during the final few weeks of class. I printed out the IGN review and read it before getting it at midnight. 


Red dead Redemption- 2010. Was in my second year of law school and this was a time I really completely stopped paying attention to games for about 3 years.  I heard about this game 1 month prior to release and was fascinated. Got it at midnight and absolutely loved it.  


Grand theft auto 5- had now been with my girlfriend for 2 years and she went with me to the release. Wow this was by far the most I’ve ever been hyped for a video game and opening night was ridiculously packed. Went home and my gf, and 2 friends watched me play the opening mission. It really felt like an event. My two friends aren’t even into games but were excited.  To this day I call this my favorite game of all time.  


Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m 33, married with a 1 year (to the girl that went to the gtav opening with me) and I have another child on the way.  I’m as hyped as ever for this game. Rockstar has been the only company that gets me absurdly hyped for games and that’s because they deliver.  I can’t fn wait.  You gotta love yourself a fire

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Clancy the Bandito

Watching these threads fill up with hype is like waiting for christmas morning on the night of the 24th when you were 9 years old. So full of positivity. Now all you need is some r* themed tshirts.

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that sounds really familiar. class of '85 eh? :cool:

RDR caught me "by surprise" aswell, it was not on my radar at the time because of it releasing as a CONSOLE exclusive (and remaining). I got me a PS3 a couple of weeks earlier just for HEAVY RAIN, and then when I had just finished that I heard of RDR. I think it was just 2 weeks away then. ah, good times!

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