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Who else here likes the boobahs?

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Hey everybody. My name is Bradley. Long time lurker on here, when I am not reading posts and pretending people who post  on here from 2009 are my friends now, (LONG STORY, have anxiety issues) I like pretending posts from years ago are about me. Lemme tell you a little more about myself. I live in Guam with my mother and my uncle Jason. Uncle Jason doesn't talk to me much. He gets sick a lot and he's always f*cking vomiting on the floor (WE f*ckING ONLY HAVE CARPETS FFS) So I have to spend a lot of time caring for this sick asshole just so he can make the carpets f*cking disgusting. It always smells like a pet store after riot hit here. My mom just sleeps thru all of it and Doesn't talk to either of us anyway. I live with them and not my dad because my dad and my sister lied about me breaking the windows in our apartment and throwing everybodys bed sheets, pillows, and whatever was in their closets out the window. They f*cking hated being around me so much that they set up this elaborate horse sh*t to get me out of their living situation just because I get sensory overload sometimes and break small things like phones, mirrors, and dressers. I NEVER BROKE A f*ckING WINDOW SO NOW I LIVE IN A DIFFERENT f*ckING COUNTRY. My point being my relationship with everybody in my life is volatile and hurtful. So I thought I would actually try to reach out to gtaforums. Before this the only thing stopping me from running away and living in a Restaurant wholesale store down the street from us that nobody would find me in, is the show BoohBah. Boohbah actually saved my life as stupid as it sounds. MLP has mass support and adults like it but people judge me for actually getting peace from this show. It's not a serious drama or something, but it's a good program that stops me from wanting to die. I hope I can meet some cool people here. I support Herman Cain if anybody else here likes him! Other than that I stay out of politics!

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do you like rude people or people with things wrong with them

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3 minutes ago, universetwisters said:

do you like rude people or people with things wrong with them

I hate rude people, and people with problems can eat my f*cking poop!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ever meet a man without hands? They're total BITCHES!

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Put it in your blog.

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