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your own RED DEAD background


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Hi guys, all the BENZLESS FACTOR talk aside please, I myself try to "forget" about that at least until the game released!


SO, I feel like sharing/trying to put in words why RDR2 means so much to me personally, what makes it so special to me. The game isn't out yet but all the circumstances surrounding it, the road that led to "now" and "here", it had me thinking - and inspired by threads of how people will celebrate the game at launch, I wanna share my little Red Dead "story".


See I really LOVE bullet-time and I REALLY digg the western theme. got into john woo movies and spaghetti westerns on TV in the late 90's, loving that sh*t ever since! R* combined that, a "magic" combo that could never fail if you ask me. RDR is amongst my top 5 games of all time. It feels like the franchise was kind of made for me personally, as it caters to almost all my desires and expectations I have in terms of gunplay, story-telling, visuals, music....EVERYTHING!


In light of this I must have been one of the happiest motherf*ckers around when RDR2 was officially announced, in 2016?, though I knew BEFORE the announcement that there would be another Red Dead title. I could sense it and I've awaited RDR2 for the past 4 years with certainty -  since I saw GTA V on a "next-gen" PS4, I then bought a PS4 myself because I knew I wanted to play Red Dead WHATEVER at some point in the future. I just knew I would get to play the game, which could be the game of all times! sooner, or later....and now, "later" is pretty much around the corner - yeeeeehaw!


Still though somewhat TOO late, for me personally - since I am a father of 2 as of july this year! I was joking with my gf back then how R* would delay the game, and baby #2 would be here before RDR2, how I would not be able to play the game I had waited for for so long - well, it was foreseeable this would happen. I still hoped it would NOT happen and that  R* would get it right in time and release in 2017...well, DAT polish, I guess! Making time right now ain't easy but it's okay, I'll get my gaming hours late at night, fully immersed with the lights off and stuff. those hours are withdrawn from my sleeping account, but nobody cares.

RDR2 = quality time  and I will love every minute of it! maybe even more so because, and that's the main reason why RDR2 is so "important" to me, this could very well be the LAST game I'll pay REAL attention to - well, because of the family!


Long story short: RDR2 will (very hopefully) be MY game, "forever"! I will probably get the most out of it as it shall bring peace and tranquility to my soul. It will do for me what it won't do for any other player on this planet! that's a bald statement I know, but I stand behind it and approve this message!


PS: now all I/we can hope for is that R* didn't f*ck it up!


Please feel free to share what makes it so special to you, and don't hate on me for making a single thread for this. I rarely make my own threads.

Edited by BUT THE BENZ
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Oh, I forgot, october 27th is my birthday so the game coming on the 26th is perfect DELAYED timing really!

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What makes it special to me is that i remember having the most fun playing Red Dead Redemption with two of my closest friends. I have never reached that amount of fun with any other game since then. I'm hoping RDR2 will recreate the same feeling or even surpass it.

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  • 3 weeks later...

even though my body has been ready for 4 years, my hype just got REAL - as I pre-ordered the game a few days ago and along with that I re-activated my PS+ account.




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After GTA IV came out I loved the online free mode that game had and ended up getting RDR knowing the online would be improved on. I skipped the story and went straight to online. I actually never gave myself time to do the story. Until a few weeks ago, I started the story and finished it. I still feel like I missed out on this story as I found myself siding with the Dutch Van Der Linde gang knowing I would be with them in RDR2. I had a different connection with John that others had in 2010. Unfortunately I could not sympathize with him and only seen him as a snitch/backstabber. 

Edited by HockeyMike24
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