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GTA SA Characters You Like, Dislike, and Are Neutral With

Bratva Assassin

Recommended Posts

Bratva Assassin

I’ve made similar posts to this one within the GTA V and IV/EFLC sections, so I decided that now, it’s SA time! :)



All characters who also made appearances in VC and III

CJ: unlike some of my fellow IV/EFLC fans, I think he’s a pretty good protagonist. I like him about equal to Franklin from V.

Sweet: A pretty level headed character and overall good brother to CJ.

Cesar Vialpando: He's the older cousin of Catalina.

The Truth: He’s an old hippie who reminds me a lot of Willie Nelson.

Woozie: Can’t really pinpoint a reason as to why I like him. I just like him.

Mike Toreno: He reminds me a lot of a later character named United Liberty Paper Contact.



Mad Dogg

Jizzy B

T-Bone Mendez



Everyone else, not listed above. Too much wasted potential akin to V.


So what characters do you guys like, dislike, and are neutral with?

Edited by ThatKyloRenGuy
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I like:

- Toreno (the best written character in the series. Witty, clever, powerful, confident).

- Truth (hilarious. Pretends to be a hippy on drugs, but in fact has a good knowledge about things and can handle situations well).

- Zero (entirely because of his monologues)

- Big Smoke (because of memes)

- Catalina (two reasons: boobs)



- Woozie (he's friendly, honest, willing to help. Can't think of anything that will make me like him though)

- Tenpenny (an annoying bastard, but gets justice in the end)

- CJ (don't hate him, don't like him. He made good and bad calls throughout the game)



- Ryder (always disrespecting CJ, always smoking drugs, and most importantly a rat)

- Pulaski (Tenpenny's Polish laptop, doing anything to please the master)

- OG Loc (he's a petty criminal. Killing and robbing people for street cred is wrong)

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First, what I don't like: 
-Catalina, an obvious choice No1. And I regret that noone (especially CJ) gave her the treatment she deserves.

-OG Loc. Wish he ended up like Smoke. He should of been.

-Helena. I just hate her.

-Pulaski. For me, it's not enough to hate the characters just because they're bad guys, hence no Tenpenny, his character is pretty good done. But for me Pulaski is a bit more annoying than Tenpenny.

-Jizzy B. Well, not hating him much, but I somehow don't like him. 


The neutral ones:

-the Truth. Kinda cool guy, but nothing special. Wish we got to know more about him.

-Toreno. He's... I'd say cool and interesting character. Cooler than the Truth. But again, I wish we got to know more about him as well. But, on the other hand, maybe that's what makes him cool, the fact everything about him is so mysterious.

-Sweet. If only he was less obsessed with the gang, the hood etc (it's OK he's into it, just be little more realistic and adult), and not only into the hood, but also showed some appreciation for what CJ has achieved while he was in prison, he'd be among the ones I like.

-Ryder. I just wish they didn't turn him (last moment) into a traitor, he'd be way cooler than he ended up being. Also, why I would've liked it much better that way, is because now it ends up CJ can literally trust only his own blood. As all the other OGs betrayed him (Smoke, Ryder, OG Loc)


The ones I like:
-Cesar Vialpando. I like pretty much everything about that guy. I wish the Aztecas became friendly gang with GSF after the events of the game, and they wouldn't treat you like the other gangs anymore when you're in their turfs.

-Kendl. Also well done character. Acts exaclty like a sister should. Knows what's best for CJ, and knows exactly how to make him see it, and stimulate him to follow that path. 

-Woozie. Similar to what ThatBenGuy said, I just like that guy a lot, no reason even needed. Very cool.

-Zero. The character is kinda cool, I like his geek side, and all the gadgets he provides and works on through the game. His missions are definately not a reason for me to hate him, especially because they're not hard for me (when I was younger they definately were), and once you have no difficulties with them, they're fun to play. And yeah, his monologues hehe.


-And, I definately like CJ very much as a protagonist.

Edited by Beg_Ultra
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Algonquin Assassin



Pulaski: For me he's a way better antagonist than Tenpenny. It's been a few years since I played through the story, but I could remember him being more of a piece of sh*t I just wanted to throttle, but that's what a great antagonist does.

Cesar: If it were up to me he would be the protagonist. No question.

Woozie: Not much needs to said. The guy's hilarious.

The Truth: See above.

Toreno: James Woods gave an excellent performance here.




Sweet: Don't dislike or like him very much. He's just "meh".




CJ: Inconsistent and all over the place. The game tries to make me sympathise with him, but I just can't. Whiny and I can't stand his "underdog" mentality.

Tenpenny: Extremely overrated IMO. Nothing stands out about him besides Samuel L motherf*cking Jackson of course. To me he's always felt like a knockoff of the Alonso Harris character from Training Day.

OG Loc. He's pretty much the "Jimmy" of San Andreas. Annoying and too much of a try hard.

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• Toreno - Great character. Hilarious lines. Honestly, James Woods pulled off one of the best performances in the video games, with his role as George Sheffield in Scarface: The World Is Yours as a close second.


• Ryder - Quite possibly the most underrated character of the whole game. Yeah, he's an asshole, but that's what made him a fun character. He's a gangster, and his brusque and straightforward attitude gave him more charisma and cohesion to the game's theme. I just wished he was written much better in the second act rather than randomly turning into a traitor. A perfect example of a waste of a good character.


• Big Smoke - Okay, I'll admit that while the praise he receives from many fans can get very irritating, he still had enough humor and memorable lines to make him likable. Plus he put up a badass gun battle at the end.


• Sweet - Pretty provincial, but still a cool character with heart.


• Officer Tenpenny - Samuel L. Jackson. Need I say more?


• Wu Zi Mu - Nice guy and hidden badass.




• CJ - He was okay, but too inconsistent at times. One moment, he's a fearless gangbanger who doesn't back down from a battle. The next scene, he begs for his life like a punk when some bitch plants a pistol to his temple. Plus he complains about ridiculous things (like using a rocket launcher in the middle of the riot and destroying boats with a jet).


• Cesar - He was a loyal character, but he doesn't really have much of a role other than being the deuteragonist of the storyline.


• Pulaski - Okay villain, but he was nothing more than Tenpenny's sycophant.


• Every other character I haven't listed.




• Catalina - Honestly, I never found any of her outbursts to be funny here, and if the roles were reversed with her and CJ, no one would find it funny. Plus she doesn't have any important role in the story and only seem to be in for the sake of being a returning character.


• OG Loc - Honestly, this guy was far more annoying than funny.


Edited by watersgta3
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  • 4 months later...

There are just so many characters, i cant choose all atm, so I go for the select few in my head right atm and might miss out some I actually think a lot more of:


Like Most:

Truth (by far the most interesting character in the game, imo the series, he is a fun loving hippie who is both a friend and a wise man to CJ and has the best missions), Woozie (cool and loyal throughout, he plays the role of both a boss and a friend and CJ gets the casino),

CJ (GTA has great main guys like Claude, Tommy, Vic, Niko, Luis each different but tough and well adapt to anything. With CJ you get to train him to be a good shooter, a good driver, a good flyer, in a gym, dress up well, and build him from a naive gangbanger to San Andreas's richest, toughest and most powerful man, loyal to friends but vicious to enemies, capable of taking over nearly whole of Los Sntos from enemy ganmgs all by himself tbh he feels like a son and you never get the feel with any other main guys in GTA), Sweet (he sticks to his principal, grooves 4 life, loyal to homies no matter what, but he is doubtlessly one of the toughest guy in the series and does everything to keep the family together),

Kendle  (kind caring sister who always sticks by CJ no matter what),

Big Smoke (starts of as CJ's mentor and ends up one of the biggest traitor, he is a perfect villain, I just wish he had some more appearance between the betrayal and the ending) ,

Katie (favorite girl friend, cutest by far, you keep weapons after getting wasted , and easy to please too, my fav sa gf) ,

Big Poppa (the guy seems to know how to have fun all those lady muchachas in the crib which had become his until CJ intervened and was a top leader of the Vagos, just find him cool wish Kane from Ballas was as cool, Poppa is a  more powerful version of Jizzy imo)



Cesar (he is good and loyal, but has some horrible car dance and race missions, and in Hijack he clains to be a good jumper but is a p*ssy and is so frustating waiting for him to jump, CJ alone could have done with ease) ,

Ryder (he was great and loyal at first but belittled CJ often and his betrayal and end came way too abrupt), 

Ran Fa Li (co boss of triads, but always found him just meh)

Toreno (keeps his word but put CJ through so much $hhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiits )


Dislike Most:

OG Loc (the type of unfunny clown that is so annoying, lifes a beach is one of the worst mission ever, I dont know why CJ even helps him and he isnt even thankful in anyway, just a phony probably no one likes)

Catalina (OMG she is more annoying than even in 3, just hate her and her trashy attitude more than anything)

Zero (the worst missions in the whole series, just hate him, best thing about him was when CJ knocked out the  p*ssy which he did proved to be after the heist))

Pulaski (corrupt pig who talks some of the most provocative shhhhhhits ever, good villain ikr but i had to deal with these people irl and know what pain they are)........


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Mr Truth




Michelle Cannes




Big Smoke

Carl Johnson

Frank Tenpenny


Johnny Sindacco

Katie Zahn

Kendl Johnson

Kent Paul


Madd Dogg

Maria Latorre

Mike Toreno

Millie Perkins

Salvatore Leone

Sean "Sweet" Johnson




Cesar Vialpando

Denise Robinson

Jimmy Hernandez

Ran Fa Li




Barbara Schternvart

Big Bear


Eddie Pulaski

Helena Wankstein




T-Bone Mendez

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  • 2 weeks later...

To me it’s Sweet Johnson. 


All he ever did in the story was complaining and making CJ feel guilty about himself. There’s just nothing redeemable or memorable about his character. He’s nowhere near as funny as Big Smoke and Ryder, he’s nowhere near as cool as Tenpenny and Toreno, and not as manly as Cesar and Madd Dogg. I’d even venture that Zero and OG Loc are cooler than him.

Edited by Cao Ang
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I also wasn't a big fan of Sweet. Way too uppity and ungrateful to Carl when he returns back to Los Santos.

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I'll agree with Sweet. He a;ways had the "We can't better ourselves" mentality. Whenever CJ was progressing or trying to make something more out of himself Sweet was always there to berate him for trying to become more.


Special mention to

OG Loc. Damn this guy was annoying.

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Hear, hear.


I'm not sure what do you mean by "worst" - badly written? Very mean?


But I think that Sweet is a big prick too.

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Sweet is bitter but he is a well developed character. 


The Worst Character in terms of being annoying:OG Loc


Worst character in terms of development:Hmmm Ryder has some problems in his ending but overall was good. So I'm just picking the damn train as the worst. Needed more background and it was killed off way too early. 

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I agree T-Bone is pretty bad. I also don't like Madd Dogg at all. Poor and boring character, but at least he's got a pretty cool mansion.

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Ballas King

I have seen the same post already, but its common and this seems more like a Sweet hate thread than an actual question. For me Sweet is ok, he sticks to his principles and morals and does praise CJ (like the cut scene of Green Saber) when CJ who DID leave them was making it up by capturing enemy territories and stuffs. Sweet on the same mission told CJ to leave him to die if he must but save himself, Sweet genuinely loved Kendle and CJ but I totally respect his principles GSF 4 life and he is one of the most selfless and loyal character in the whole series. 


My least favorite, not only in SA but the entire GTA series is Catalina. You think Sweet belittles CJ? What about her? Catalina doesnt get half he hate she ought to cause she is a woman, I do admit I dont have the right to speak on behalf of everyone. And fyi I do like strong women (like Reni from VCS). But for me Catalina is the biggest biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch in the gaming world and I just f*kkkkkkkin hate her....

Edited by wfank
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I'd say Emmet. He had a little screentime and you only get a pistol from him.

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On 3/1/2019 at 6:09 AM, danosky said:

I'll agree with Sweet. He a;ways had the "We can't better ourselves" mentality. Whenever CJ was progressing or trying to make something more out of himself Sweet was always there to berate him for trying to become more.


Special mention to

OG Loc. Damn this guy was annoying.

OG Loc was annoying in a funny way imo

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  • 2 weeks later...
Soggy biscuits

I'd have to give it a very close call between sweet and OG loc, I'm saying sweet because of how much of a dickhead he was to CJ. Loc was nice, but one of the most annoying characters I've ever seen. I legit skip his cutscenes all the time whenever I play the story xD.

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Zero, one of the most annoying character in the entire series. Also he got the worst missions in the entire game. 

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So I'm just picking the damn train as the worst. Needed more background and it was killed off way too early.  

But the damn train survived the events of the game...

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Algonquin Assassin


-OG Loc



-All of the girlfriends.



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I agree with most posts here but I will say Catalina because first time I saw she was involved in SA too I felt she wasn't enough developed, there's something that's missing to complete the link between GTA 3 and SA, seems the introduction of Catalina in SA was forced to include at least a mission on each small town. I didn't neither like her relation with CJ and how he behaved when they were together. This is not the only bad aspect of hers but also his toxic personality and the fact she's a mean psycho. 

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Official General

I'd say Sweet. I found him quite annoying and contradictory. He's bleating on and on about staying in the hood to uplift the local community and banning the sale of crack, but yet he's willing to out there and murder gang rivals. He just seems highly misguided and irrational. 

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