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Found a wierd charater name... Modder or R* Dev?


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So today i was playing on a lobby, not must to say about it, the regular stuff, behing attacked, defending myself. Untill this suspect get in to the session with a wierd nick name, calling it suspect, and wierd cause i never saw this on GTAO, im playing since late 2016, and im quite active also. So when this suspect get in the session was when the things changed, ive started to be attacked by a modder/cheater, whatever...

He/she was invisible, started to drive my car, when i have my car locked to friends only... 1st time that i see this also, infact most of the lame things that i see modders do its when some one publish some kind of video on exposing modders/cheaters on youtube, i allways try to stay away from them, checking profiles, when i saw i high rank i take a look ate his profile to see when the SC account was created, if i see something suspect i block the person profile and move on to another session. But of course this metod of checking SC accounts not allways work, and the modder can be some one unexpected, and can look legit. 

So my question is, as i never saw before untill tonight, is this is a modder/cheater, or is a real R* Dev, or its another lame trick, and is nothing more but a stupid cheater?

Theres the print that ive take with the steam capture system.




PS: Sorry if ive started this thread on the wrong section, im new in the forum. 


Thanks in advance.


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Well did you check their profile this time? Often a tell-tale sign is their profile name not matching their game name. 

And anyway, nah that's almost definitely not a Rockstar dev. I'd be willing to put money on it. 

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Very likely just an ordinary modder showing off with a cocky name, surely? With all these mod menu options at hand, this scum anyway thinks they in fact are doing game development. The colored "R*" looks interesting, but that's the easiest thing a modder can do, I guess



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Do you really think genuine Rockstar devs are going to go invisible and f*ck about with your cars?

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They can inject a text string as their name using the mod menu. They usually avoid speaking because their name then comes up in the chat with a bunch of text formatting code around it.

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