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When I load the game, it doesn't load the stats correctly


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I'm playing GTA San Andreas on a PC, Windows 10. I'm playing just a regular version 2, installed from my legit original CD, and haven't used any mods ever or anything. The game is "the most ordinary it can be". Never even typed a cheat.


This is what happened: I'm currently at about 95% progress. I've decided to build up my Criminal rating in order to get KoSA (and I don't use the replay glitch, I'm raising the points "the hard way") before proceeding further. So, yesterday I decided to combine my "Longest 5 or more stars chase time" with raising the Criminal rating. I spent almost 12 hours in one single play without saving in between, destroying the aircrafts and being under 6 stars during entire play (apart from first and last few mins). Hence, once I was done and saved the game, of course my Stats such as Planes and helicopters destroyed, Played time, Longest chase time with 5 or more stars, Criminal rating etc, have increased. After I had saved the game, I just wanted to compare my before/after stats. So I loaded the previous save file (while keeping the new save file in another folder, of course). And everything was fine. Then I just went to sleep. BUT...

This morning, I placed the new save file back in My documents, and loaded the game, I wanted to play more. I just went to check the stats again before starting to play. And, there was a surprise waiting for me...... new "Longest 5 or more stars chase time" has disappeared, and it was still showing the stat from previous save. Everything else was fine and was showing the new stats - criminal rating, planes destroyed, playing time etc, only this stat with longest chase time was still showing the previous stat (and I assure you it WAS showing the new updated stat last night when I just saved the game). I tried changing the save files several times, but it didn't help. I tried  (on the new save file) getting 6 stars again, playing for several mins, then removing the stars and saving, but it didn't help. It changed "Last chase time", but it kept "Longest chase time" from the previous file, it didn't "somehow update it", like I was hoping it would do.


Is there anything I can do to fix that stat before I proceed with playing? I'd very very much like to not to loose that stat, because it's 658:22 in-game hours under 6 stars, almost 12 hours of my time, that's far the longest I've ever achieved. And I've played for 12 hours in a row and risked game stopping, getting busted or wasted etc ONLY to achieve that particular stat "Longest chase time", and it just disappeared for no reason (I'm actually doing 6 star destroying aircrafts turns last 10-15 days, every time play 1-2 hours then save, and it always saves all the stats, and only now it didn't save the only stat I did it all for). I have no idea how it happened and what went wrong, my only question is is there any way how I can fix it and keep that stat? Fortunately, I still have both save files, before and after that 12 hours play. 


Luckily, last night I saved the pics of both saves Stats. Here you can see how it looked before :



And here you can see how it looked after:



And finally, here is how it looks today when I load the game (as you can see, the Criminal rating is new, updated (and all the other stats), but the Longest chase time (as well as Last chase time) is still showing the old, even though last night it was showing the new updated numbers):

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