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Whats in your legit "rainy day fund"?


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By legit I mean you cant include the fifty duped Elegy Retro Customs you have for example.

Legit stuff that worth alot.

Mine is my Deluxo, I dont use it anymore but I cant sell it because I know I will squander the money. I mean I dont need the money but if I dont have it i cant spend it right?

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None, I just let my nightclub accrue goods and sell when it reaches over 1 million.


There's absolutely no need to sell anything for money now, only if you need the space.

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45 minutes ago, Pedinhuh said:

There's absolutely no need to sell anything for money now, only if you need the space.


so true.


i have never done any of the dupe glitches or anything, just a sh*t-ton of grinding and heists, and the good-old afk bunker magic.      i have bought and sold (and re-purchased, too many times, in some cases--looking at YOU, Sandking XL) so many vehicles just to not go for a shark card, though.    glad those days are over.     there aren't any more cars that my first character needs, and my second character lives a much more spartan existence when it comes to whips.    she likes planes and helicopters.


my rainy day fund is my Maze Bank account that seems to perpetually keep finding itself back over 11million almost as fast as i can spend it.

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No Use For A Name

I’m happy to say nothing. I like and enjoy every one of the 147 garages vehicles in my collection. 


Only took buying and reselling each one numerous times, but I’m finally happy with what I own 

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I have about 15 cars I paid good money for, I imagine I could get back a good chunk of money. I still sell my bunker and nightclub, and every time I get over 2-3 million I buy a expensive car, modify it and put it in a garage.

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Mine is the Itali GTB, Vagner, Cyclone

Yup those 3 supers just sold them last week, and now i'm up to 3.5m


Not bad 🤣

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Since it seems we're speaking of solid assets that can be liquidated, I have about thirty blue Sandking XLs in storage for when I don't want to go on the grind (which is basically when I've got no friends to play with). That's, what, just over $500,000? If push comes to shove, I will sell things like my Virgo or Chino, but that's only if dream cars arrive in Online and I have no space left. I try to make good choices out of my vehicles, so I won't have any I never want to take for a spin. It's easier for me to just live payday-to-payday and enjoy what I've got.

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Even though I have no need for cash like that right now imma have to say all my businesses being full. That would include my hanger, 5 crate warehouses and my nightclub business is full as well. I also have the I/E 11/11/5 technique set up as well.

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Smooth Longsack

Not to be too cynical but my rainy days with R* are soon to have much more RDR2.

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Staright up Cash. The days of selling cars for cash are long behind me, I learned that lesson the hard way.


I have a 10 million dollars slush fund for emergencies & big sales.

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Basically nothing. I have everything I want and still more than 10 mil on my account, which grows just by playing the game.

Some day I just spend hours relaxing driving around enjoying myself.
I currently own over 110 cars in 3 Office Garages and 6 Regular 10 car garages + 10 bikes in the Clubhouse.

There are rarely more than 1 of the same car, I own 2 Elegy Retro Customs: 1 streetracing style, 1 stock Millennium Jade.
And I still got 20 unused garage space in my bunker.

If there are some new cars coming out I might sell some, but since I got space for days I might as well just sell the planes I own, since those are more money and I never use them anyway.

Edited by Hegedus.Roberto
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- 5 warehouses of mixed capacity at 80% stock, should be worth 2-3 million)

- an I/E garage where every low/mid-car is part of a collection (currently working on doind the same with highend)

- 2 sandking XLs i could use to start farming them again.



apart from that, no vehicles in my garage will be sold, even if sh*t is going down.

Edited by 0cta
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Rashkovskys Shiv

The rain never falls on me,when I emerge from my bunker I pull out an solid gold umbrella worth approx $400m.


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I keep $20 million in my account at all times, and work for anything I want - I did just buy a $4.5 million garage full of Grottis that I can sell, along with my original Oppressor.

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Two vehicle warehouses with full collections. That's about it, as every other business gets sold. With Nightclub and Bunker continually producing at peak efficiency, and crates giving me a fair old boost thanks to the special item..."irregularity"...it's hard to run out of money.

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I have on my PS4 main account about 10-15 car bonds ($1.5 mill each) that I bought with gtao glitched cash (not dupes)


I did and will include them >:[ cause in-game cash is cash. I have very little money now though than I used to have like less than $30million.

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