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The Outfit LC (Mafia based Crew XBOX ONE) 18+

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I am looking for players interested in joining my mafia based crew, (I play on Free-Aim lobbies Only, I am from England, for a rough idea on my timezone.)

I am not worried about player skill, or experience, I am not worried if you like to role play or if you like to play a semi-serious game, however it is a mob based crew and I would like all members to play according to the mobster theme while with other members active to the crew.

So there will be a small number of rules for the crew.


-Please use a Mic/headset for communication, please speak English.

-Dress like an old school mobster, Long coats, Suits, dress ideally in black.

-Use Vintage weapons, Gusenberg Sweeper, Vintage Pistol, Double action revolver, Double barrel shotguns, frag grenades, molotovs, Muskets, marksman pistol, most melee weapons. (Sticky bombs and Proximity mines only for car bombs/breaching) (Will allow for exception to the weapon rules in the case of difficult PvP)

-Use only classic cars (Ideally models based on cars before 1960's) (Usage of armoured vehicles only for tough PvP situations avoid using ultra hi-tech vehicles)

-Be respectful, to other players, don't drive recklessly unless you must.

-Don't attract unnecessary heat and be willing to bribe police to keep the peace. (Remove wanted level and from time to time, call for police to turn a blind eye if needed)

-Try to think somewhat like a mobster, use brains as well as violence. Broker Alliance's where possible and be willing to fight when a deal just isn't sweet enough and you know you can earn more. (Remember that real power isn't given, its taken.)


Role players will be accepted but while I wish to keep a mobster theme, I have no wish personally to role play on the xbox one, though if you wish to role play with others I have no problem with it (I personally do not like role playing with a headset)


Contact me on xbox live if you are interested and also please try to drop messages into this thread to keep it alive, if you are viewing with an account.

Xbox Live Gamertag: Revel118

R* social: Revel118

Edited by Revel118

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