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How do you feel about sports games?

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Lock n' Stock

Cancerous, to be quite honest. They're completely loaded with microtransactions, and it doesn't help that alot of people who play them aren't so much hardcore gamers as they are your run-of-the-mill sports fans (apologies if it sounds like I'm generalising here), so as a result that makes them easier to milk for their cash.

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Yeah, no fan of the sports game myself. But then I'm no fan of sport in general so probably biased. I'll be buying Snooker19 when it gets released, and I already own VP4, but that's as far as I go.

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Posted (edited)

Ultimate team type card modes are ruining sports games.


Developers getting complacent and keeping their game the same. I like MLB the show but the game is pretty much a roster update at this point it's the same game as the PS3 aside from very small changes.

Edited by Zello

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Never have been a fan of them, especially since the days of EA's obsession with the FIFA brand and how that has largely fuelled their need to 'monetize' every game of theirs since then. After all, it is their 'golden goose' for a very good reason.

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Mister Pink
Posted (edited)

Yeah it's the micro-transactions that really kill the games. That married with the fact they can attract large hordes of casual gamers, it's just a cesspit of corporate cock being sucked off by all these casual jizz-wizards. 


As I said on the previous page. I do enjoy FIFA but only buy it every couple of years. It's easy to burn out on perennial games like FIFA. Ultimate Team would be great if there wasn't micro-transactions. Actually playing to win and build up your team. It's great. But why would I want to play a game against someone who just paid more real money to build his team? Takes the game out of game when you introduce debit/credit cards.  

Edited by Mister Pinkerton

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I've bought Fifa every year since uhhhhh 2008? 2009? At this point I consider it a case of Stockholm syndrome to be honest. The 360/PS3 era Fifa's were genuinely fantastic but the ambition and creativity that made the series so good (and popular) in those years has basically been driven out of the developers in favour of Ultimate Team and the Journey, which is a mode no one really plays but it's a good marketing tool for EA. Seriously, from what I can tell more people have platinumed God of War than they've completed The Journey mode in Fifa.


A short while back a member of Fifa's development/community team even flat out confirmed that the reason the single player career mode gets virtually no support is because not enough people play it. I mean, it's no surprise people don't play it cause it's riddled with bugs and issues that have been around for a decade now, not to mention the fact that it actually had more depth back then, but it's inspiring to see that they can't be arsed touching it cause Ultimate Team is the only video game football experience that matters.



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Posted (edited)

I don't mind them and I used to play them a lot, so I understand the appeal.  It really depends on the title though.

I used to be a bigtime Madden player in the early-2000s, but once they started drifting away from User-Skill and focused more on Player-Skill, I lost interest in the game.  In the past 10 years I've probably picked up about 3 of the MLB The Show titles (the latest being 2014).  NHL my last one was I think '12 on PS3.  I loved the NHL games and the online mode, but I just haven't had the itch to get another one.  No real NBA game has interested me except for the "arcade" versions like Jam and Playgrounds.  I actually currently play the NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 and have put in a lot of hours (have about 60 diamond players, and all players unlocked).

Sports games are fun, I just don't do the yearly thing anymore and I haven't bought a new one since MLB The Show '08 with Ryan Howard on the cover.  I bought 2014 about a month before 2015 came out - bought it on a discount.  Same with NHL '12.  I just have little interest in playing online anymore I just prefer to do the Player Career modes or the Franchise mode.  I think in MLB 14 I'm on my 7th or 8th year with my starting pitcher...have won 3 Cy Youngs, 1 MVP, and a World Series...all on the Phillies.  Then I hit free agency and joined the Braves.

As for the microtransactions - they're for the online players that want boosts.  That's a big reason why I don't play online because it's really Pay 2 Win.  NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 has microtransactions, but they're really just for cosmetic unless you want to unlock all the players (which is $10 essentially).  I unlocked all the players, but I grinded out for about a month and earned the gold bucks to unlock it myself.  It's real easy to get Legend players and compete quickly so it's one of the least aggressive microtransction sports games out there - and honestly, if they do microtransactions at all in games, that's the way I like to see it.

Edited by DarksunDaFirst

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Sucks that FIFA has no competition anymore. It would really push EA to actually f*cking improve the game. I wish PES was still a good franchise. Competition is the key to improvement in these situations. Sadly it doesn't exist anymore. 

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Yea PES is just so far behind in terms of presentation, production, modes and (though it's blasphemous to some) gameplay. EA completely bullied them out the marketing with grabbing up all the licenses on top of huge yearly improvements to the game back on the last gen consoles. But this generation of Fifa's has seen modes getting removed on a yearly basis, little support for non-UT modes and a regression in overall gameplay due to defending changes and unbalanced attacking mechanics. It sucks. All I want at this point is a properly done "Pro Clubs" mode (where you play as a individual player in an online team). I swear if even an indie dev could get a game out that revolved around that and do it well it'd be a big hit, the mode its self on Fifa is hugely popular despite the lack of support from EA.

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Posted (edited)

The only game I buy every year is NBA 2k sure they have microtransactions but they do make improvements.  Their offline modes like Myleague and MyGM are pretty deep. The problem is the community complaining mainly online players who like to shoot a bunch of 3s making the developers cave in and patch things that weren't broken and make the game worse.

Edited by Zello

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Is this The Guy?

My favorite sports game was MVP Baseball 2005.  Used to play that for hours.  I think that’s the last of its series though after EA lost the license. 


Only other sports games I enjoyed were the NCAA Football games but I don’t think they make those anymore either.


Oh... Then there’s Mutant League Hockey and Football lol


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