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Oppression - Adversary Mode Concept


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Been a while since I last posted an Adversary Mode concept, last one being Annihilation I believe (which I add, Rockstar themselves said it was rather good!). That aside, this one is not for those who aren't fond of anything futuristic or Oppressors 😛 Nothing too complex, just an ordinary Adversary Mode with a hint of Rexx 😛 Enjoy!




Oppression is an Adversary Mode concept for Grand Theft Auto: Online. It features a unique "lit" variant of the Oppressor MKII and is provided with futuristic weaponry not  seen outside of the Adversary Mode.


Up to 12 players are split into 2 teams; Purple and Green. Each team's color is represented by their outfit and Oppressor MKII color.









By collecting Power-Ups, one team must try and eliminate the opposite team within the given time limit. Each player is given 2 lives. Once all lives are lost, they will enter Spectator Mode until the round or match is over. The winners are decided by how many players are left once the time limit has been reached or by which team eliminates the other first.


Players are placed into a large enclosed, futuristic styled arena with a Blue Corona which gradually shrinks. The Blue Corona will instantly kill any player that travels out of bounds, as well as bypass any remaining lives.


By default, all Oppressor MKII's are equipped with a dual laser which matches the team color when fired. Although the lasers are not effective against the Oppressor MKII, they are however lethal to a player and can sustain severe injury.




Oppression features 5 Power-Ups, each represented by their own icon. Only one Power-Up can be used at a time per player.





The Orb Power-Up briefly protects the user from any damage and inflicts damage to anyone that comes in contact with it, including fellow team mates.





The Pulsewave Power-Up is a powerful wave that is unleashed after a few seconds charging. The wave that is released will inflict damage to enemies within close proximity of the user. It is harmless towards team mates.





The Invisibility Power-Up will briefly make the user turn invisible. The Oppressor MKII's dual lasers can still be operated.





The Distortion Power-Up distorts the opposite teams' view for a short duration, providing the other team with a small advantage.





The Deadline Power-Up briefly provides the user with a Deadline trail matching their team color. The user can be harmed by the trail and the trail is an instant kill upon contact.




Upon winning a match for the first time, tbe Oppressor MKII will recieve the Oppression Liveries for free and can be applied in the Terrorbyte Workshop. The player will also unlock the Oppression Green and Purple Suits for free.




Thanks for taking the time to read :)

Edited by REXX
Fixed typos :)
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Now you see, this is where these type of vehicles should be added/used. Just some crazy fantasy fun. No long term damage done.


Something I can see in RDR2 even. That Deluxo or Westworld and all, lol. Just too much potential there, IMO. Anyway. I liked Deadline and think this is where these toys can get a good rep, instead of becoming what they have.


Definitely could be a laugh.

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