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Object shifted after exporting using Kams scripts


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Basically, object I worked on is shifted after I export it, even thoug its center is at 0,0,0 in Max. This happens after exporting it. I also tried importing it alongside the vanilla (unmodified) one, aligning them together and exporting my modified one, but same thing happens. I can provide screen or .dff itself if anyone needs it.

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6 hours ago, firedihm said:

I can provide screen or .dff itself if anyone needs it.

Hard to tell what the problem is without at least a screen, so do provide

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9 hours ago, guard3 said:

Hard to tell what the problem is without at least a screen, so do provide



This is how it looks in Max: green is modified one and blue is original. Green is positioned slightly to the left of blue. Even if I align green with blue, after exporting objects nothing changes and if I import my modded .dff it will be shifted again. I think I may have messed something up in mesh or maybe I have some isolated geometry, but I can't find them. I still kinda new to Max.



This is how it looks in-game: collision and 2dfxs are in their original piosition, but the .dff is not.





Here are the .dffs:


Edited by firedihm
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Looks like you've accidentally moved pivot around by -2.0 on y-axis. You'll have to reset it to its original position:

  • Select the object mesh. Go to hierarchy tab
  • Make sure Pivot is selected (blue)
  • And click Reset Pivot

This will work if you're working on the original max scene. If it doesn't work for some reason or you export-import to dff all the time (which is generally a bad practice imho) you'll have to move pivot yourself:

  • Select the object mesh. While in Hierarchy tab with Pivot selected, click Affect Pivot only
    The button will turn blue
  • Now you can change the y position from 0.0 to 2.0 from the bottom of the screen
    You'll notice only the gizmo (aka the 3 arrows) moved around
  • Click on Affect Pivot Only again to "unblue" it

Some notes since you say you're new to 3ds Max:

  • The object's position doesn't affect the position in which it will be exported. For example if you move your object to x,y,z in 3ds Max viewport, the exporter will treat it if it was at 0,0,0 (as it should). If you want to change the position of the models centre (aka the "pivot"), then you'll have to do the procedure I described.
  • I noticed you use 3ds Max 2010, you might want to use a newer and more updated importer/exporter (The Hero's one). Since you're working with a map object (which also has prelight which is important), The Hero's one will handle it better; Kam's is old and its vCol option can make prelight too bright and generally mess it up sometimes.
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Thank you SO much for this detailed answer, but it looks like after I export after changing pivot it doesn't save. If I reimport the same model its pivot would be where it originally was.

Edited by firedihm
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There's another workaround, if for some reason Kam's doesn't like pivot manipulation for you.

  • Select the mesh and press 4 to activate face editing mode
  • Press Ctrl+A to select all faces, right click, select the little window icon next to Move:
  • Change offset y to -2.0 and hit enter
    After hitting enter it will turn back to 0.0, don't worry, you'll see the faces move
  • Click on Editable Mesh/Poly to "unblue" it and get out of face editing mode

Done. If that doesn't work, use a different plugin.

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