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Software for CPU/GPU temperature logging


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so because of this issue i'd like to rule out temperature issues with my PC.


Problem #1: As GTA crashes somewhere between 20 minutes or after 6 hours of (more or less) constant idling, i would like to have some data at hand about the "long term" utilization of my system, Mainly temperature readings for GPU and CPU, others like RAM- or C/GPU-Usage in percent would be nice to have.


Problem #2: I'm aware that there are hundreds of tools for this, but i don't know how exactly they all log and display the values. Maybe one of you can help me out before i have to try out dozens of these. I have no need for something that only displays the current values. Also, i've already seen many tools (unfortunately i can't remember the names) that, if they have graphs, lose the oldest data, so i only see a few minutes back into the past, i cannot see if there may have been higher peaks while playing.


Ideally, i'd click on some checkboxes to select what i like to monitor, choose a polling intervall, click start and in the end have some csv with timestamp and values i could dissect in excel.


If someone knows something like this and can put a name on it, i'd be grateful for sharing.

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You can use GPU-Z and CPU-Z and in the sensors section there is an option to "log to file". It will give you the metrics in a text file. Displaying it in-game is a bit more complicated. I think EVGA had a tool for that but it didn't work with every game.


For stress tests, you can use CPU-Z and leave it working for a while. You can then monitor the temps and stuff with HWINFO64. For GPU stress tests, I recommend GPUTest: https://www.geeks3d.com/gputest/


I use the Piano benchmark at 8K 8X MSAA to really stress the GPU.

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The Audiophile Thread


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