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RDR2 Press Hands-On Previews - 20th September 2018


Recommended Posts

A few news outlets like Games Reactor, Everyeye.it, Multiplayer.it and OPM have teased previews for this week. The first preview is to be released by Multiplayer.it at 3 PM BST. The topic will be locked as summaries of each preview will be posted/copied to here by staff.




GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away

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  • The game can be played entirely in first person.
  • You can pull down your bandanna by accessing the face-mask option in the item wheel.
  • At times during missions gang members will ask you how to proceed, letting you take lead or asking a gang member to take lead instead.
  • Arthur will automatically loot everything he sees in robberies by holding down a button.
  • During the train heist mission they played, you can decide to kill the witnesses, let them run, or put them back on the train and send it away. When Arthur kills the one of them they all run for their lives.
  • Honour system - be good and you'll get more money from bounties, NPC's will treat you better and your kill cams will be more heroic. Be bad and you can earn more money from robberies and get more gruesome killcams.
  • Deadeye can be improved and upgraded multiple times, adding the ability to show things like critical hit zones and automatically painting enemies.
  • You can craft new items and apparel from animals you've hunted.
  • When doing a side-mission you got the option to take John with you, or leave him at camp.
  • GI's writer got the sense that John isn't the most well liked gang member in the camp.
  • Can approach missions stealthily and instruct gang members on mission with you to take out enemies.
  • General store is packed with things to buy, including an "impressive" number of clothing options.
  • You browse clothing options by flicking through a catalogue on a shelf, as if it were a real physical book.
  • Hats, vests, coasts, boots, pants and more are available to purchase.
  • Clothing is mostly cosmetic, but it will protect you from the cold.
  • You can modify clothing by tucking your pants into your boots or rolling up your sleeves. Also, fedoras.
  • The gunsmith sells specialised ammunition and weapon customisation options.
  • You can buy gun oil, which can you use to restore old and dirty weapons you've found in the world to full working order, restoring their damage and other stats to their proper values.
  • Other items to buy at the smith too such as holsters which slow down the speed that weapons degrade over time.
  • There's a stable that sells supplies to help you maintain your own roster of horses.
  • Horses stick to the path better, bite at flies when idle, move their ears around if they hear stuff.
  • Having a good relationship with your horse will allow you to do things like sudden skid turns so you can dodge around danger at the last second.
  • Horse cosmetics are in, things like saddles, blankets and stirrups.
  • Arthur reacts to the weather, changing his posture in the rain and tucking his chain in to avoid getting wet.
  • Dialogue on horseback was recorded twice, characters will speak normally when riding close and yell when they're further away.
  • You can holster your pistol with fancy flourishes.
  • When you don't have a weapon drawn the left trigger acts as a "focus" button. Looking at NPC's and pulling the left trigger will bring up different interaction options like saying hello, intimidating them or robbing them.
  • Arthur needs to eat and sleep, if you don't sleep you won't regenerate health or stamina as quickly.
  • Rockstar stress that the eat/sleep mechanics are not meant to be annoying or intrusive, but to remind players that Arthur is a person and needs to look after him self.
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Everyeye.it recap, thanks to @Metalz

  • It's Rockstar Games' most ambitious project yet.
  • It may be the most dense, cohesive and immersive open world they've ever played.
  • They played one of the first missions, which serves almost as a tutorial mission.
  • You can give orders to the gang members you bring with you.
  • The story is raw, direct and perfectly replicates the harshness of frontier life
  • Moral choices are back
  • You can play in first person and to do so, you have to press the touchpad
  • The horse's stats (endurance and health) are shown in a very small interface and can be improved.
  • A high bond level with our horse will unlock useful actions like a very fast stopping to change direction while running.
  • We can raise our bond with the horse by grooming and feeding him.
  • While hunting, there's some kind of "predator instinct" that will show you where your prey went.
  • While hunting and stretching the bow, we can whistle to make our prey show his head and neck. 
  • After killing an animal we can whether to skin or collect it whole and loading it on the back our horse.
  • In order to more realistically replicate the rhythms of the shootings of that time, the fire button now has two functions: when you press it one time, it shoots the bullet, when you press it a second time, to raise the gun's hammer or eject the rifle's shell
  • When extracting a weapon we can use the d-pad to orient it towards the sky and shoot a warning shot.
  • Weapons wheel is back.
  • Guns can be customized with engravings for grips and barrels and need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Kill cams are confirmed and focus on the best and most brutal kills.
  • Depending on Arthur's honour, his killing style will change: "an outlaw barbarian will be more inclined to value heinous massacres, while a more respectable gunslinger will tend to wipe out his opponents keeping an eye for their dignity".
  • From the gang's camp we can start main missions, secondary missions and other missions that will increase our bond with other gang members.
  • We can expand our camp using.
  • NPC's will comment on Arthur's clothing of they're dirty or compliment with any hunt's outcome if they're bringing a nice prey with them while riding around with the horse.
  • We can spend nights in hotels.
  • Taking baths will remove the filth out of Arthur's clothes.
  • "By overhearing a private conversation or by secretly following a suspicious man, for example, we come to discover a clandestine activity located in the back of the building that houses the city doctor. The latter can be convinced, thanks to the sparkling reflections of our gun, to open the armored door behind which illegal activities are hidden.".
  • Hunting missions for legendary animals are confirmed.
  • All missions, whether they are main, secondary or just random encounters, are all considered important and each of them are part of the main storyline. 
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Multiplayer.it info, again thanks to @Metalz

  • The demo lasted almost 3 hours. As the game was so long and impressive, they decided to write two different articles, with the second one coming in the next few days (which will talk about the best of what they've played).
  • John Marston is younger, much more aggressive and loyal to Dutch.
  • Dutch is like a father for Arthur, as he saved him giving him a new life.
  • Every choice has consequences. For example, we can kill hostages, but we can also leave them alive, opening ourselves to who-knows-what consequences. 
  • These choices won't affect the game's ending or drastically change the story as in The Witcher 3, but they will influence the new honour system.
  • The game will adapt to our actions: being ruthless will have repercussions on the NPC's opinion of us, and will therefore change their approach to us: instead of saying hello or ignoring us in passing, they may already have their hands on their guns ready to intervene if we do the wrong move.
  • The train's interiors are overflowing with details, and each object can be analyzed like in LA Noire.
  • With the exception of the lasso, the dagger and another handful of gadgets like binoculars, Arthur can bring with him only two pistols and a long-barreled or "heavy" weapon, including the bow.
  • Not hitting our pray in vital points it suffer, obliging us to finish them on the ground before proceeding to skin them and to load the carcasses on our faithful steed
  • We can craft better equipment for our fellow gang members
  • The minimap on the bottom-left side of the screen is entirely customizable. We can change, for example, its size or what icons to show. While normally walking we will only see the mini map; riding our horse will show the two icons that identify the status of our faithful quadruped and while in a shootout we will also see all the indicators related to Morgan.
  • The melee has been redone from scratch.
  • Orders can be addressed to our fellow gang member while pressing L2. For example, we can ask John to kill an enemy, ask Billy or Lenny to scout an enemy gang camp, and choose what kind of approach to use when assaulting it.
  • The demo ran on PS4 Pro at 4K resolution with HDR enabled at 30 fps.
  • Although they had great facial expressions and animations, the 3D models for secondary characters aren't very well detailed and are missing out on polygons complexity. 
  • While the cinematic camera is enabled, Arthur will move automatically while riding his horse.
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IGN articles summary 1 2

  • Played on PS4 Pro.
  • Bounty hunters can come after you, and they do want you dead, not captured.
  • You can jump on the train from your horse if you are close enough. Your horse continues to follow the train, so it is implied, but not confirmed that you may jump back. The train has a few guards defending it, so you may end up in a double shootout situation, against the guards and the bounty hunters.
  • You can drive the train! Some of the options when in the main train car include accelerate, brake, ring bell, and whistle. If you accelerate and gain lots of speed, you can escape your bounty hunters, but your horse will also stay behind.
  • Everything feels so fluid and natural in gameplay, NPC animations, Arthur's movement, shooting.
  • The game starts in The Grizzlies after Blackwater, you are locked to the snowy mountains of north-west Ambarino during the game intro, after which you are introduced to more of the game's mechanics and controls. After that, the whole map is free to explore.
  • Cinematic camera is in the game, can be turned on at any time. Combined with the ability to turn off the HUD, you can enjoy some beautiful sights. And, you can also switch between various angles. If you’re riding with other gang members, holding X in cinematic mode ensures you ride as a pack at the same pace as them.
  • You can name your horse in the game, likely the feature is in Red Dead Online as well, but no confirmation.
  • If Arthur loses his hat, or his weapon gets shot from his hand, they will reappear in his horse's inventory. If you lose your hat, it will also appear as an icon on the mini-map! Having a good bond with your horse is very important.
  • Arthur’s hair and beard grow naturally according to in-game time, and shaving is, if not entirely manual, then certainly close to it. Barber shops unlock at some point during the game. As far as manually shaving goes, think custom beards. It is implied you can create something unique. Hairstyle can only be altered at the barbershop.
  • You are given a camera during one of the side quests, and it stays in your inventory forever. You can take pictures of landscape, or self-portraits with it. Self-portraits don't just include the head and upper body like modern selfies, but the whole of Arthur. No word on Rockstar Editor.
  • You can study animals by highlighting them with L2, and seeing information about them. System is very useful, and also works on humans, giving different information.
  • Kill-cam exists in the game, similar to Max Payne 3. Kill cams are impacted by your honor. If you play honorably, the camera on a kill replay will focus on Arthur. If you’re dishonorable, it’ll focus on the kill, and represent it in a more intense way. The less honor you have, the less visible Arthur will be in the background of the camera view.
  • Hunting is the main source of income, other than heists and robberies. Many new recipes and crafting options appear in the game and unlock as you progress. Arthur can set up a personal camp for himself to cook food which he can either eat himself, or feed his horse. Loot from enemies and animals is used for crafting and can also be bought from the stores.
  • There are 4 side skills to Arthur, and 3 main ones. Main ones are health, stamina and dead eye. Side ones are strength, dexterity, instinct and grit. As mentioned above, your horse also has certain skills like speed, stamina, health and more.
  • Story missions initiate time jumps, and cities and states are built and growing as you progress.
  • First part of the story focuses on the Grizzlies and New Hanover areas of the map. Your gang travels as the story progresses. The camp itself needs to be maintained, but it won't necessarily be in shambles if you don't visit for a very long time.
  • You can sleep and change your clothes in your tent, as well as fast travel.
  • Every piece of clothing is individual and can be mixed and matched like in GTA 5, so it's completely the opposite of the original where you only had outfits. Preset outfits do exist of course. It is said thick clothing helps you in the Grizzlies, but in the desert(no mention of where), you might want to take it off. Thunderstorms are confirmed, so you may want to dress for that occasion as well.
  • You can pull your bandana to slowly lose your wanted level. After the heat vanishes, you can remove it.
  • If you don't eat and rest, you will be fatigued. Depending on how much you eat, you can gain or lose weight.
  • You can wear animal carcasses as a hat.
  • Weapons get dirty and clogged up over time, or if you get them wet, so you’ll need to clean them to get the best performance.
  • Your horse will be slowed down if he falls in the mud. You have to exit the mud and then his speed will gradually return to normal as he shakes off the mud from his feet.
  • Snow on Arthur’s clothing will eventually melt. Mud will harden and wipe away. Blood will dry.
  • Some gunplay tidbits: Hold up on the D-pad while aiming and Arthur will fire a warning shot in the air, which can be used to attract the attention of other characters or startle an animal he’s hunting. Tap R2 to rapidly fire from the hip, which proves handy if you’re ambushed. If you double-tap L1 Arthur puts his gun away with a flourish.
  • First person mode is in!
  • Current time and temperature are displayed by pausing the game or pressing down on the d-pad!
  • Arthur can swim, but not very well. This sounds unclear, so it is possible that his stamina or other stats affect his ability to swim.
  • Weather, and snow will accumulate naturally in places that have been trodden over. Snow will also fall off trees. Some missions will take you far up into the mountains where you are literally above the cloud line, aka the game’s weather system. Thanks to the fact the game is set before a time light pollution became an issue, the sky is riddled with stars and clusters of stars. It looks like a genuine array of galaxies when you look up at night.
  • Moving your cursor around the world map invokes a wind sound to indicate your movement.
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GameSpot, 1 2

We're adding only tidbits not mentioned so far by the above previews.

  • HUD info, the HUD is minimal by default, only showing the mini-map in the bottom left corner, with meters fading in as it becomes necessary. An expanded HUD option shows you a larger minimap, but there's also the option to turn everything off, as well as an option to only have a compass on the screen.
  • It is implied this picture is taken with the cinematic camera and no HUD. https://static.gamespot.com/uploads/scale_super/172/1720905/3441029-gamespot+3.jpg. The cinematic camera will now automatically trigger in certain instances, like the long journey to a mission location, and will frame the journey with a montage of shots that emphasize the landscape and traveling group. As long as you hold X on PS4 or A on Xbox One to keep pace with the pack (like RDR1), you can just sit back and enjoy the naturally-flowing conversation and scenery.
  • Besides inspecting humans and animals with L2, you can also inspect objects in stores and at gunsmiths, and this is especially highlighted in First Person mode where Arthur can take a certain object in his hand and look at it closer. This is also how you'll interact with environmental narrative objects like notes and photographs. And, you can also inspect your weapons, which is great for appreciating any customization you've made to them.
  • Minigame: Five Finger Fillet confirmed.
  • Arthur and Arthur's horse inventory vary. Arthur is limited to carrying two long guns (or one long gun and one bow), two sidearms, a knife, a lasso, and a bunch of throwaways like molotovs. Your horse carries the rest.
  • The less your honor, the more brutal the kill-cams. This is implied to be a more honorable kill-cam(without in-game filters of course). https://static.gamespot.com/uploads/scale_super/172/1720905/3441007-rdr2_screenshot+20.jpg
  • You can actually break your enemy weapons when shooting them.
  • Your weapons can jam. It is unknown how frequent that will be, and will customization lessen the chances.
  • Unlike GTA, you can't make Arthur get more hair and beard during customization or a visit to the barbers, only less. Hair and beard grow naturally.
  • Arthur will be dizzy and his vision blurry if he doesn't eat.
  • Gang members will offer to join you on free-roam activities, giving you access to the same kind of assistance seen in the story missions, like asking them to go ahead and take out an enemy.
  • Arthur can swap his hat for any other he finds on the ground, or which he shoot from the enemy's head. Unknown what happens to his original hat after replacing it.
  • You can whistle at people to get their attention, and doing so you can run out of breath.
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  • Holding the "focus" button (left trigger) at a horse gives you options like brush and feed.
  • Everyone can be focused on and interacted with in some way.
  • Demo started on a hillside with mountains in the far distance, which Rockstar said wasn't the edge of the map.
  • Minimap can be customised, you can have it normal size, enlarged or shrunken as a compass - or have it turned off completely.
  • Camera: three levels of zoom then first person.
  • First person mode comes with options like removing the head of the horse you're riding for a less obstructed view.
  • There's a new cinematic camera which pulls the camera back to a widescreen view and shows action from more dramatic angles.
  • Holding triangle to dismount horse made Arthur tie the horse's reins to a stake in the ground. You could untie it and walk alongside it, with Arthur leading it with a hand on the reins.
  • When hunting he shot some crows, but they were nearly completely worthless due to the lead bullets.
  • Arthur loads each bullet into the chamber one by one, double tapping L1 makes him holster pistols with a flourish.
  • When using the bow the writer felt the aim assist but he was told that you can reduce it.
  • Unlike RDR1, skinning an animal shows the full, grisly animation. You see the knife cut and the skin come off the body.
  • When done skinning, Arthur had the animals carcass at his feet and a small pelt and some glands in his inventory.
  • Upon entering a train an armed man told Arthur that he was not welcome, and after looting a chest he opened fire on Arthur.
  • You can run and jump off trains onto your horse, which follows the train at a gallop. You can also jump onto passing stagecoaches from your horse.
  • You can steal and drive trains and ring the bell.
  • After going to clear the bounty on his head, he sat and spoke with a lady on a nearby bench, discussing the country side.
  • Mission objectives appear as in previous Rockstar games, in short sentences at the bottom of your screen with key words written in yellow.
  • Shooting will usually take two button presses, one press to fire and a second to pull back the hammer for the next round.
  • Both Arthur and his horse have their own health and stamina meters. These meters can be increased, by things like running, but also diminished by hardship.
  • Horses come in various breeds and can be bonded with to learn new skills, like dramatic skid-stops or a dressage side-step.
  • Horses testicles shrink and expand depending on the temperature in the game world. 😉
  • You can take baths in town to clean your self up or, on request, have a lady bath you instead.
  • When standing around listening to two NPC's chat about a massacre and a curse, they asked Arthur his thoughts on the matter, which Rockstar say wouldn't have happened if Arthur hadn't lingered around in front of them.
  • Hot drinks are available near the campfire, and the camp cook makes a new stew everyday.
  • Providing provisions and money to the camp will upgrade it and that can result in more meaningful conversations with other members.
  • Helping the camp out will expand the types of activities other members will go on with you and will change the stories told around the campfire.
  • But Rockstar stress that it's all optional, the camp will survive without you.
Edited by Jason
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GamePro (Google-translated from German):

  • The movement feels Rockstar like, Arthur does not move instantly while controlling but builds up momentum.
  • Shooting reminded them of Max Payne 3, and weapons you carry are visible on Arthur at all times.
  • Weapon Wheel returns.
  • Arthur can carry two pistols at the same time and two rifles (or a rifle and a bow). There's also a hunting knife, the lasso and throwing weapons such as knives. Your horse stores these when you're not carrying them.
  • For cartridge based weapons pressing or tightening the trigger again after firing will make Arthur push another cartridge into the barrel.
  • You can inspect objects such as letters and photos from first person, being able to turn them around to see if something is written on the back. You can also inspect weapons this way.
  • The five states in the game are Amberino, Lemoyne, New Hanover, New Austin and West Elizabeth with the last two also appearing in RDR1.
  • The world map will be covered by fog until you uncover it.
  • Activities you can start or do at the camp include fishing, poker and dominos.
  • You can increase the speed your hair and facial hear grow with a tonic you can purchase from stores.
  • Strangers return from RDR1 but their location is not pinpointed on the map, instead you are shown an area to search.
  • After handling a dead animal Arthur's hands will have blood on them.
  • Your horse will poo.
  • In some of the buildings there are secret back rooms where things like illegal poker are played.
Edited by Jason
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VG247's articles 1 2 3

  • VG2478 states that Red Dead Redemption looked phenomenal at the time of release, but it seems barren and flat in comparison to RDR 2’s world.
  • Snow is completely physically simulated into the game world. Wind blows it off of trees and horses, or onto trees, horses, people...Rockstar insists each tree is placed individually in the map.
  • One of the missions involved setting TNT on the train tracks, but it doesn't go off, so you're forced onto the train.
  • Kill-cam isn't always triggered. Only by particularly well-placed shots, or via dead-eye organ targeting, so you can appreciate your skill.
  • Full facial deformation during fist fights is mentioned, but nothing more on that.
  • One side mission involved Arthur sucking the venom from a snake out of an NPC to help him survive. It is unknown will Arthur be able to heal himself that way, if he gets bitten by a snake.
  • If you fatally injure your horse, you can revive it with some kind of a "special kit". If you don’t have the kit, you might have to trek into town to get one before your horse bleeds out. If you don't make it, the horse is gone, permanently.
  • Dead eye system features limb dismemberment and vital organ targeting, allowing for some brutal kills.
  • Close range takedowns with a knife or an arrow from a bow are available.
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Thanks @Metalz

1 hour ago, Metalz said:

From Multiplayer's Q&A livestream.


Q: "How important is the camp mechanic? Can it be ignored or it's mandatory to do their missions etc.?"

A: "We couldn't see the ingame menus and the camp itself was very secondary as the demo's focus was on other things so I can't really answer that

All the camp's activities and jobs are optional. We can give money to our fellow gang members, craft for them, interact with them but it's all optional. But some important missions are started from the camp itself. For example, there was a man with his hands tied and taken hostage and a mission could only start once Arthur approached him. The R* dev however said that there's no distinction between main or secondary missions. An example: if you bring a lot of goods for Pearson to cook, maybe he'll have few more interactions as the story goes on."


Q: "Do choices made by the main character affect missions later on?"

A: "If you think like The Witcher (where completing a quest a certain way will affect the next one directly etc.) then no, absolutely not. But yes if we're talking about how the world will react to you, and maybe exploring the mission area more before the mission starts will grant you more opportunities to complete said mission and so on."


Q: "How relevant is the RPG part?"

A: They haven't shown us anything about how you'll manage your character and we don't know if there will be skills (like in Far Cry). We only have 3 stats and are endurance, health and dead eye .


Q: "Can we play Arthur's story with friends or the online counterpart is another separate thing?"

A: "No, you cannot. The online counterpart is another whole thing. They don't want to mix the two experiences. They want to make the best freeroaming, open world, single player game THEN a very profitable online mode."


Q: "Are the character's movement better or the walking controls are still unconfrortable?"

A: "Arthur seemed very heavy while walking. It'll take some time to get used to it, given how cumbersome the movements feel. It's nowhere near as good as Gears of War or Max Payne. We don't know if this heaviness is intentional or not."


Q: "Can we f*ck?"

A: "You can rent a room in hotels. There you can rest, eat, shower and so on. While showering, a prostitute can knock your door and ask is you want the special/premium service. If selected, she'll start washing you and putting her hands in certain places, but there's no full nudity scene for it and we don't know if there's any explicit content in the game."


Few other details that I picked up while listening.

  • You can put as many things as you want in the horse's sack.
  • You can enter first person mode any time you want.
  • They specifically didn't want to say if it's native 4K or upscaled.
  •  Rockstar dev said it's absolutely not coming to PC.
  •  They know when the 2nd gameplay video is coming, but they can't say anything about it because NDA.



Edit: We received a correction by another forum member about the PC version allegation!


Edited by Spider-Vice


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Polygon link


  • The gang apparently has a big money stash stored somewhere in Blackwater, but it becomes inaccessible after the failed bank heist, which forced them to flee north and east out of West Elizabeth.
  • If you upgrade Dutch’s tent in the gang’s camp, you’ll unlock a map at your tent that will let you go to any settlement you’ve previously visited via a cutscene of you riding there
  • Leaving your horse far behind means he could get lost forever, unless you go back to him. Your whistle has a range, and can improve during the game, by bonding with your horse.
  • L2 is the focus and inspect button. If you're holding a gun, or a bow, you aim with it.
  • Legendary animals make a return.
  • Missions givers seem to have a yellow dot over their head, visible in the near distance as well.


pcgames.de here, few new tidbits, thanks to @Gangsterdesert for translation.


  • Dead-eye has 5 levels, from slowing down the time to automatically or manually placing aim points to highlighting critical hit points on animals and NPC's with the option to dual wheel later on.
  • Some guns need to have the hammer manually raised before a shot might be fired.
  • Blind firing is an option too.
  • You can customize your guns either visually, by engraving them or giving them another wooden grip or another metal, or functionally by adding scopes, longer barrels and so on.
  • Animals you killed and carried around will leave bloodstains on your shirt and if you skinned them and placed them on your horse, they will leave your horses hide bloody. They will start to decay after a few in-game days.
  • You can not kill your horse by shooting it.
  • You can buy a lot of stuff to customize your horse too: stirrups, saddles, saddlebags and blankets are just a few. You can braid its tail or cut its mane. If your horse trusts you, you can teach it some tricks. Bonding your horse works by cleaning, feeding and petting it.
  • Indoors the players speed is throttled (same as in GTA)
  • Your visual appearance plays an important role, on how NPC's will react to you (same as with honor system).
  • You can take a bath in hotels, by mashing some buttons. Sometimes a prostitute might knock on your door, asking you, whether she should be helping. You can accept and then you don’t have to keep on mashing those buttons plus you can have a convo then.
  • Poker and Domino confirmed.
  • Gang members might die but you can hire new ones throughout the story.
  • Double tapping L1 will result in an animation of you putting your gun away.
  • Even the smallest loot will have its pick up animations.
  • Steps will leave footprints which will fill up with water if its rainy.
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Couple of more bits



  • The article mentions 2 interesting random encounters in free roam. One is of a woman who somehow had a horse fall onto her, breaking her leg and trapping her. You have to pull her out and get her to a doctor. 2nd one involved a kitchen brawl with the owner of a house after you came in uninvited. And while Arthur has no trouble beating the old man, the owner's dog comes barking from another room. Arthur fires a warning shot to scare the dog and then attempts escape.


  • Entire article focuses on little details of how realistic RDR 2 is in terms of weather, ambience, lightning, weapons reload, horse animation...

The Verge

  • Your horse can lose control, hit a tree or some other object, and drop you off the saddle a few meters in some direction.
  • Everything you do in the game affects your surroundings, and at some point in the game, you will meet someone, or hear an NPC talk about an event you witnessed, read about or were a part of. It's a living dynamic world.


  • A bounty for low to mid-sized crime in a city was paid 225$ during their play. Arthur gained it by accidentally shooting a dog, after which a witness ran to the sheriff, who asked Arthur to leave ttown. Arthur was moving slowly, which caused sheriff to open fire. A gunfight began with the rest of the town, until Arthur ended up surrounded and dead. After respawning, Arthur had bullet holes in his jacket.
  • As you hunt animals, icons for each animal will show up in that area on the map so you know where to look for them again.
  • Legendary animals are rare animals players can hunt down – only one legendary animal exists for select species.
  • You can also come across famous gunslingers who are listed on cards as the best shooters ever. You can go after them, and collect them like animals.


  • Throwing knives are back and they are more damaging to health.
  • You and John Marston(as an NPC) can be together in a mission(possibly in free roam too) and you can command John to help you by taking out the enemy, or luring him to a different direction, and so on.
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PressStart.au - only information that isn't exactly the same from other previews will be summarised


  • Their demo started with Arthur and the gang escaping a robbery in Blackwater, in need of laying low for a while. Dutch insists on robbing a train with loot from a rival gang, but the gang is hesitant. The writer mentions tensions rising in the mission, but Dutch has the final say and the robbery happens.
  • Every character's voice acting felt genuine and natural, and the cutscenes are extremely cinematic and feature black bars.
  • Cinematic mode in gameplay can be toggled by holding the touchpad on PS4 or the back/select button on the Xbox One.
  • The writer describes RDR2's gunplay as playing similar to RDR1. Covering mechanics return an so does Dead Eye.
  • Fist fights require precise timing in order to get a key hit in. Animation work described as impressive.
  • The aforementioned mission presented a choice: keep the hostages alive so others could hear about the heist or kill them and hide their bodies?
  • Having a strong bond with your horse will allow it to behave differently during gunfights. Don't let it die, or it's gone for good.
  • Survival elements play an important role in RDR2, you need to maintain Arthur to keep him healthy. You can not just shave your beard and/or hair but also style it.
  • Stats like Health, Stamina and Dead Eye level are all above the HUD.
  • Holding the left trigger on an NPC will present options to antagonise, threaten, greet passersby and many other contextual actions. Don't show up with bloody clothes, the populace won't like it.
  • Dead bodies that haven't been looted are now marked on the minimap.


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Computerbild.de article, thanks to @Yelda

  • When it rains, clothes get wet, the ground is muddy, and figures leave marks on the ground.
  • Skins and meat can be processed or sold. Store your meat for too long, and it reduces the quality and attracts flies.
  • There are legendary animals for which you get legendary rewards. They are hard to find but a relief is the tracker mode, with which animal paths can be tracked.
  • Guns wear down depending on use, accordingly, you must clean and maintain them with gun oil. Weapons can be extended by the gunsmith, for example, with a new visor to increase the range. Individualization are also included!
  • You could also individualize your horse, for example, groom it, mane or tail.
  • Central point is the camp: you can spend your time with the outlaws around the campfire, play poker or domino or fortify yourself with some stew and other delicacies. Interesting are the relationships between the other members. We quickly realize that the gang is a jumbled bunch of outlaws, each one has its own character and, accordingly, it isn't easy to deal with everyone. If you argue with a comrade at the campfire in the evening, he will not be very friendly to you the next day either. Conversely, if you have done something good for them, gang NPC's tend to favor you.
  • Your style to play Arthur has an impact on the behavior of other people. If you decide to play brutally and kill someone instead of sparing him, your honor goes down. NPC's react either anxiously or more aggressive to you, but robberies are more lucrative for you.
  • Clothing can almost always be combined. Wrong clothing for example in the mountains affects stamina.
  • You can talk to any NPC, say hello or offend him. Conversely, Arthur is often addressed or offended as well. People react to you when you're wearing dirty clothes or blood spattering from your last fight. In interactions, for example, you have the opportunity to settle the dispute, to ignore it, to beat one's opponent, or to shoot him - if you can! When we were playing we were a bit quarrelsome for a short time, and got spanked the butt right away!
  • Gang members ask you what you want to do and listen to your commands, but that can go wrong too...for example during a raid: Bill Williamson - not exactly the brightest - has messed up the robbery completely, making the whole mission take a different turn. In another mission, Bill made up for it with his killer qualities.
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Famitsu 1 | 2- using Google Translate to get key points. Things mentioned in other previews will not be mentioned directly.


  • Every cutscene, battle, interior transition, just like GTA V, does not feature any loading screens.
  • Everything in the game is organically linked, the player can interact with everyone in the world. NPC reactions change in real time with your honour.
  • Famitsu's demo started with a conversation between a wounded John Marston and Dutch.
  • The scenes in the mission reminded them of the Hateful Eight - they recommended watching it to enjoy RDR2.
  • When the snow subsided, Dutch's gang starting running after the train through a tunnel (footage we saw in the trailer?)
  • You can maintain your horse's speed by holding X on PS4 during cinematic mode. Cinematic mode will also focus on character dialogue during missions by pointing the camera at them. You can continue to hold X to keep up. When you arrive at the objective, cinematic mode is disabled automatically.
  • The weather becomes sunny during the train heist mission, and the writer describes a scene where dynamite had been set on the train tracks. Arthur will then help set up the fuses by connecting the fuse to the detonator. Arthur then can wear a mask to begin the robbery by pressing L1. Holding L1 will reveal an item selection column. (Famitsu mission demo details below in spoilers)
  • Spoiler

    The dynamite fails to blow, by this time Arthur had already jumped on the train, so he dashes back in a sudden change of plans. There will be one of the gang hanging from the train, help them. You can now choose whether to attack by Arthur's own initiative or by instructing the gang. The mission's direction will change depending on choices like these. When you kill everyone in the train, it stops and the remaining enemies come out of its cars, Dead Eye usage is limited here so use it wisely.


  • There are very subtle weather sound effects like the sound of wind in clear weather after a snowstorm, birds singing, insects, etc.
  • Several melee movements and combos were noticed by the writer, both to attack and defend.
  • Weapon selection is also made using L1.
  • Extraordinary detail in places like train cars, writer describes it as looking like a palace, with chandeliers with tons of details, lamps, decorated paintings and very high quality furniture.
  • Every cupboard, stool and desk can be checked. Alcohol, tobacco, cash, food can be collected.
  • If you're too infamous, people can automatically call the sheriff on you when you reach a village. There are both advantages and disadvantages to being a good guy and a bad guy.


  • The second part of Famitsu's demo, where Rockstar handed them the controllers for free roam, started in New Hanover, a big, lush green area, not quite a wild forest. There are a lot of oil fields and two large mountains in the distance.
  • You can set waypoints on the map, and the way to go will be shown with a red line.
  • Horses will be slower on non-road surfaces.
  • The writer has found many people while travelling around the game world and they could interact with everyone, and intervene in all random situations.
  • Riding with a body on your horse in a town is not a good idea. The writer did so in Valentine and NPC's panicked, ran and yelled "oh my God!".
  • You can buy both clothes and guns at the general stores, along with food and health items. You can sell fur and meat as well. There obviously are dedicated gunsmiths and clothes shops.
  • There is a limit to the amount of items you can carry, beware of what you buy!
  • Continued use of a firearm will make its accuracy and damage degrade with time.
  • You will be able to buy and sell horses in auction stables and then customise your horse.
  • The writer entered a doctor's office and explored a dubious iron door in there. They tried to the person behind the door, but they shot him instead, earning them a wanted level.
  • The map will present a red area to escape fro while wanted.
  • In the camp, you can invite your fellow gang members to hunt for supplies, hunt animals and other activities. Beards can be finetuned in the camp.
  • Camps cannot be moved at will, they will move with story progress. You can upgrade your camp by spending some money on it.
  • During shootouts, it is imperative you keep moving or take cover behind trees or rocks, the AI can outsmart you!


GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

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Official PlayStation Magazine Highlights from Reddit by /u/reservoirbasterd



You can hip fire both revolvers and rifles/shotguns.

The story evolved naturally out of the first Red Dead- a small team had begun writing ideas for the story of Dutch’s Gang before the first Redemption had even released, and the vagueness of how the gang’s history was described in the last game helped that.

Arthur is a character not mentioned in the previous game, and although there are basic characteristics to him, whether he is an honourable outlaw or a brutal outlaw is up to you (outside of story missions).

You can research animals and add them into a journal.

If you come across someone with a snake bite, you’ll need to use a tonic, if you don’t have one, Morgan will need to suck the poison out of the bite.

Inspect your guns at any time to decide to whether to clean them.

You have to scrub each part of Morgan individually whilst having a bath.

Certain women in towns will offer you a “deluxe bath”

Micah Bell was a hitman previously before joining the gang, amongst other things.

Stealth is a bigger element than the previous game. You can direct other gang members to take out enemies quietly.

You can perform dressage with your horse.

There are letters and books across the environment filled with the lore of the world.

Using guns in the rain increases likelihood of rusting.



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6 minutes ago, Groggy Gorilla said:

Fandom has a few really good articles that add a bit more detail:






  • Arthur's eagle eye (the tracking skill) is triggered by pressing both thumbsticks at once.
  • The scent and tracks of animals will be muddled if it starts raining.
  • It may be possible to hang a second deer over your horse (not sure if this was speculation or something they asked the devs).
  • Guns are rated from 0 to 4 on the following attributes: Damage, Range, Fire Rate, Reload, Accuracy, and Condition.
  • Gunsmiths will comment on your guns being in poor condition if you try to upgrade them. They can also repair the weapons for you.
  • Guns can go over their ceiling stat caps through upgrades (kinda repeated).
  • Following gear was spotted in the shop:
    • Bandolier: Ammo capacity for longarm weapons is increased by 50%.
    • Gunbolt: (Assuming they meant gunbelt) Base ammo for sidearms is increased by 50%.
    • Holster: Slow degradation of all weapons by 20%.
  • Taking cover can be finicky sometimes, especially behind trees. Running towards the side of a tree could cause you to accidentally take cover in the direction of incoming gunfire.
  • If you've been in a gunfight within earshot of an NPC, they're likely to be wary of you if you come from that direction and might inquire about it.
  • Many of the things you can feed your horse are also things you can eat yourself. (If you've got two apples, you can give one to the horse and have one for yourself).
  • The actions that increase horse bond are Feeding, Grooming, Petting, and Riding.
  • If you take your horse close to a source of water, it'll drink from it.
  • Petting your horse increases your bond the most.
  • Stashing a dead deer on your horse makes it very noticeably slower.
  • The following tack items can be purchased and customised for the horse: Saddles, Saddlebags, Stirrups, Horns, Blankets, and Bedrolls.
  • You can get stirrups for your horse that match your boots or horns shaped like a silver eagle head
  • Like 8


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Red Dead Radio Episode 21 - from Reddit by /u/iamoneofbillions




  • NPCs are visible from impressively far distances (usually in games, NPCs aren't visible from far away presumably for optimization purposes)
  • You can talk to groups of people, rather than simply one-on-one (e.g. if two guys are talking and you greet them, they will both acknowledge you)
  • You can unequip all your weapons by leaving them on your horse (good for hardcore enthusiasts perhaps, limit yourself to one firearm)
  • (Perhaps obvious, perhaps not) Arthur will talk to NPCs automatically as well as manually, e.g. to tease John about his scar when he walks past
  • You can talk to people whilst performing other tasks, such as maintaining eye contact/conversation while pouring a cup of coffee
  • When you go into cold weather/hot weather, you will automatically equip/unequip a coat.
  • Rockstar's PR team laughed when asked if there's lots of customization options (basically, a massive yes)
  • He anticipates SOME people will dislike how slow the game feels in comparison to say... GTA V (it "plays like a Western")
  • You have to make decisions quickly, e.g. witnessing someone get robbed, the world doesn't slow down to make it easy for you




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