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Red Dead Online Player Index


Recommended Posts

Psn: Sandereas


In need in some active RDR friends. Too play pvp and missions and stuff. Fool around.

Edited by Sandereas
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PSN.... Mr- Kiljoy!  Red Dead leader of "the Devil's Kin" Posse.

Partner in crime and ally to Warpigz -_- and the "Regulators"!

Hunter of all, from man to beast, Fisherman...Madman....Gun for hire!

Look for me at the top of those leader boards kids... lol!!

Sometimes anyway! 

Having a blast!! This game is my JAM!

I'm a very active player...so, see you out there!

Happy trails!



AKA ~Racer-X~

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Mister Pink

Xbox: l Mister Pink l 


I'm more of a chilled, co-op kind of player. I'm only starteding RDO this week for this time but feel free to add me. I have a good mic and I'm on usually, evenings and nighttime (20:30-01:00) (GMT)

Edited by Mister Pink
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PSN: RamizS123

SocialClub: RamizS123


i have a posse created but no one to play with. I’m looking for players to help grind trader and moonshine business. I play the game to make money, I don’t enjoy bothering other people. If you wanna take turns selling our trader businesses we should play together, the more people the better. I own almost everything in the game, so if you’re newer and looking for help I can do that as well! 

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Probably posted here before, but updated:






Work overnight, so usually on after 5:30 am Central some time.

Have my own persistent posse, or would join someone else's for Posse stuff.

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Tracksuit Hitman

PSN (PS4): trksthtmn

R* SC: TracksuitHitman

aka geobst

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Johnnny J

XBL: Johnnny J


Usually on between 1pm - 5pm UK time.


Level 365.    Down for whatever except PvP and any type of griefing.  

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R* SC: KXtropic

Time zone: BST


Looking for other chilled players; co-op, creative play, casual role-play, poker nights etc. I'm new to RDO but I wanna level up whilst enjoying the game (with a glass of wine in hand!) instead of grinding constantly. Most active from 5pm onwards. Bless

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Fight Club Event
While waiting for the New content in Red Dead Online

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