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Red Dead Online Player Index


Recommended Posts

1 hour ago, Thompsson said:


PSN: ultracorps

Social Club: UltraCorps

Feel free to add me, I'm looking for some "grown up" normal players. Unfortunately I don't use mic.

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PSN: Wagszilla


Same as everything else


I’ve never played GTAO before so I’m new to this open world multiplayer stuff but played video games for 25 years and I don’t suck


Looking for a posse

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PSN: hellranga

SC: hellranga

I’m in my 40’s and tend not to join groups of under 30’s.

I don’t associate with squeakers or people who are racist or homophobic.

I do play most nights Australian time if I’m not too knackered from work.

My main role in GTAO was peaceful lobby protector. Towards the end all I was doing was protecting unknowns who were running shipments. I really enjoyed stealth helicoptering the bejeezus out of deluxos and oppressors.

If you’re into griefing I’m not your guy, I’m the guy that’s killing you for being a sad turd. ☠️

Also, fair warning, I tend to enjoy a beer or fifty when I play on weekends. 😂🍺

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PS4 ID: DarksunDaFirst
R*SC: DarksunDaFirst

I'll group with anyone, but I need you to have a mic if you want to run missions or raids or whatever.  I'm in my mid-30s and prefer adults only, but if you're a mature minor I can game with you too.  


Edited by DarksunDaFirst
additional info
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Xbox GT:  White Shark UK

Play style:  Honourable

Mature gamer (35)

Based in UK


Looking for an honourable posse to team up with and focus on missions, occasional hunting/gathering parties.  Not interested in PvP, only in self defense situations.

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PSN: Panye2Max 

SC:will get at a later time. 



location:United States. 


Description: Looking for some chill people to play with in red dead redemption online. Nothing to serious. Just looking have some and make some money. 



Edited by camo_boy67
Forgot to add GTAForums name.
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