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Red Dead Online Player Index


Recommended Posts

XBL: l Mister Pink l 

Social Club: mrpink808

GTAF Username: Mister Pinkerton


Would be handy to meet mature gamers, perhaps into some co-op. 

Edited by Mister Pinkerton
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XBL Gamertag: Bonecomet


Social Club: MiamiViceCity


Add me fellow outlaws, gunslingers, desperados etc.

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XBL: Pufftentacle

SocialClub: Tripmills

GTAF: trip



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Hey there folks! My Rockstar Social Club Crew is open for new outlaws! we exist since the beginning of gta5 on the ps3.. already 260 members! if you interested search for ''W01F pack'' and sort it by all types. we are a priv group.


🤠 howdy! 🤠


W01F pack

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We have an rdr crew about to launch, we have an established crew on gta online with a lot of the exisiting members also playing rdr online, add me on psn:  cprize 


if interested joining send me a message.


or check out and apply on our website



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Xbox: Usedshark7863


Add me if you want, I'll be playing a lot. Hunting, robbing, and just f*cking around in freeroam. I do have a mic, but I live with other people so I won't be speaking after 9pm EST

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GTAF: Shluffee

XBL: Scania X

SC: ScanianX

Edited by Shluffee
name change
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XBL: RedDead0104

XBL: LockstockN1ak47


looking for laid back but goal oriented players. Having fun and raising hell at the same time.

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I'll throw out my ID again as it's buried and the index ain't fully updated


PSN is HITMAN_Agent_54

Social Club is Hitman_Agent_54


Basically im not actively looking for folks atm, probably going to play in a few private lobbies this week but as soon as I'm ready, i'm jumping into public sessions. Not really looking for a crew as I'm part of GTAForums but if i happen to join someone on my friendlist or whatever, I normally try to help anyone in the crew or friendlist in pvp fights, missions etc......


So add me if you want but try to include the fact that you're from GTAForums so i know it's not a random dude adding me

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