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Red Dead Online Player Index


Recommended Posts

PSN ---> Henry_Yo

SC ---> noclue_42

Edited by BUT THE BENZ
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I have only recently gotten interested in RDR2, so this will be a tremendous help once it is out.. 

GTAF: periodically561

XB1: periodically561

SC: periodically562

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GTAForums: FoxerTyle 

XBL: FoxerTyle 

SC: FoxerTyle 

PC (Steam, just in case): FoxerTyle

I still do not have an Xbox One S, I hope to have it before October 26 (I'll have it), just today I ordered through Amazon the components of my much desired PC, this is going to be the best month of my f*cking life. Long live PCs, Microsoft, Rockstar Games and Red Dead Redemption 2.

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GTAForums: The FoolYT

PSN : HITMAN_Agent_54

SC : Hitman_Agent_54


Anyone of you playstation boys feel free to add me on PSN and SC, just tell me in teh request your from GTAForums. It could probably help to have some backup every now and then. I'm in the GTAForums crew but might set up or join one in the future lol. 


If cross-play does bless this generation i wouldn't mind adding xbox peepz too. When PC out ill drop my pc stuff as well.

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GTAF: Lonely-Martin

PSN/Social: PM me, taking my PSN out of public view as I'm getting crap.


I'd love to get more out of the game and very much enjoy helping others and co-op too. Can enjoy much alone, but would love to meet more likeminded players all round.


Hope to see ya out there. :)



Edited by Lonely-Martin
Crew possibly, but just want to try things first to be sure I'm commited to more.
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GTAF: DevilDocTV

PSN: Yandr18



Will be starting a Combat Medic's crew.

Edited by DevilDocTV
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XBL: doctorgta

SocialClub: SMPA60

Located: Out in the wilderness camping. 

Work: To hunt and simply make as much money as possible. No confrontations. No Gun Fighter. Simple ole Cowboy looking to make a dollar yall.

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GTAF:  ChrisET

PSN:    ChrisET

Social Club: ChrisET


Add me to race for platinum trophy or compare stats, play odd challenges co-op online etc any reason really.



Edited by ChrisET
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I will be playing on both consoles





Social Club: OGTKCole

Edited by OGTKCole
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PSN: asadog2


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PS4: Mikeol2014
Social Club: Mikeol2011


Liberty City - Alderney - Vice City - Los Santos - San Fierro

   Las Venturas - Cottonmouth Carcer City - Ludendorff



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PSN: Frackenstein1880

Social Club/GTAForums: DentureDynamite (Social Club name may only be PC ATM)


(If you want to add me on PSN, please be sure to mention GTA Forums just so I know you're not PSN spam. lol)

Edited by DentureDynamite
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