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Red Dead Online Player Index


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26 minutes ago, Rashkovskys Shiv said:

Joining crews is overrated, I made over $700m in gta online, ranked up to over 700 and did all the heists challenges by myself, and some randoms helping. 


Even had some gtaf crew members who were friends and they were sketchy at best. 

It's not as much for the money, see, I also have spent the most of my lifetime in GTAO playing alone and yet managed to make my fortune as well. Besides very few of my friends were playing GTA as I got late to the party (and stayed until the end); also there is so much interesting people here, it would be fun to stumble across some of them. I mean just populating my sessions with 'GTAForumers' would be cool I guess.

I ever only joined crews for their logo and color lol.

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On 9/20/2018 at 2:12 AM, Fatsanchez said:

Nice! I hope I get to join the GTAF crew this time!


13 hours ago, Rashkovskys Shiv said:

Even had some gtaf crew members who were friends and they were sketchy at best. 

Got to say, I've had the opposite experience playing with others from the forum and GTAF crew. Almost everyone I've played with have been sound.


I've only had two bad experiences with other forum members, neither were in the GTAF crew and I'd imagine that anyone who has had the misfortune of bumping into those two members in game would have had equally poor experiences.

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List updated, apologies for the delay!

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PSN: Zoobz_

SC: Zoobz_

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