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Red Dead Online Player Index


Recommended Posts

PSN: MajesticNL

SC: Jestic91


@DGSimoI sent a request to join RedDeadNetwork as well.

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Add me if you want really f*cking nice pictures of your characters, because I'm gonna be on fire when this game releases.

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2 minutes ago, damienrayemusic said:

Anyone who posted their XBL gamertag is it cool if I add you?? I'd add PSN too but I don't even have online on there

I’m not on my Xbox as much as I am PS4, but feel free to add me, friend!

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4 minutes ago, damienrayemusic said:

Anyone who posted their XBL gamertag is it cool if I add you?? I'd add PSN too but I don't even have online on there

I wanted to add YOU, but the gamertag you gave us isn't working properly lol

Edited by TheExecutor10
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5 hours ago, damienrayemusic said:


oooooh SHIIITTT I got the chills right now this is literally so exciting!!! Red Dead online pulled me out of the sh*ttiest times of my life in high school and I've had so many memories bonding with my dad and friends over this game... I can't believe it's happening. I've played red dead online every year at least once a year on average when it was working. I definitely gotta be in this group! I'm what could be called a RDR veteran, I got really good at the game and helped new players too 😁😁 lol anyways . Social club I have to reset my password, I'll work on that right now. Think my name is damienraye tho on there.GTAF: damienrayemusic

                   Xbox: DaMieNxraYe 

                   PSN: damienraye (don't have PS± at the moment though) thank you @Spider-Vice @uNi @Kirsty for this!!! 😍😍

My bad I was so hyped I forgot the most important thing 😆 executor add me now and let me know if it worked. Gamertag is DaMieNxraYe and mods whenever you see this feel free to add this to the chart :) it's just an x between my name, separating the two lol that's why it didn't work. And alright Jason I'll add you! Sweet!!

Edited by damienrayemusic
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42 minutes ago, zachsterosu said:

@damienrayemusic boy I've invited you to the group like 3 times smh... 

Where/ what's you invite me to? I'm sick right now bro 😕 my head is throbbing I got off here for a while. I'm on Xbox right now browsing here but I don't see invites for a club or whatever. I'd say text me but you know... No phone -.- DM me on Xbox what it is. Also guys my social club is damienraye add me if you want. Finally figured out my password lol 

Edited by damienrayemusic
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All current invites into the official GTAF/RDRnet PS4 community have been accepted! 


Perhaps this makes the community easier to find but this is how it looks...

Searching RedDeadNet should find it.

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PSN: crazygamer_118

Social Club: crazygamer118

Edited by ejderemir
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I will host a party and invite everyone on the PSN list to join once the time comes for online to release. There will be gift baskets and some cookies. Looking forward to see y'all there.

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At this time I've seen a lot of Hispanics here, would not it be right to make a thread or sound crazy? It is not to try to separate us, but with threads of Ps, xbx, SC, it is all a bit messy, maybe it would be easier for us to find and add ourselves to us. (Now I'll start adding my American outlaws) Only maybe they can open a thread for that, thanks

(It is a very very large community) 😝

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GTAF: ALifeOfMisery

PSN: ALifeOfMisery

SC: ALifeOfMisery

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PSN and XBL players need to unite when R* finally announces the Gang/Crew feature for RDR2/Social Club.


Btw Xbox players... I know we are in a minority here, but trust me: They will not crush us!

Join the Xbox club called Red Dead Network

I hope there will be a better way soon for people to find the club here on this forum.

Edited by TheExecutor10
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Xbox finally let me join the red dead network club 😁 I'll try to add you guys right now, I'm also an admin :D gonna help keep things organized. I'm already in the PSN club too, I just don't have PS+ unfortunately. Maybe can get it sometime . Also my social club if you'd like to add me. Damienraye

Edited by damienrayemusic
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On 9/19/2018 at 9:12 PM, Fatsanchez said:

Nice! I hope I get to join the GTAF crew this time!


PSN: fatsanchezbr

SC: fatsanchez

Joining crews is overrated, I made over $700m in gta online, ranked up to over 700 and did all the heists challenges by myself, and some randoms helping. 


Even had some gtaf crew members who were friends and they were sketchy at best. 

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