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So are they completely done with single player updates?

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On 11/15/2018 at 12:07 AM, rollschuh2282 said:

I don't think so.

Online will die someday, and i'm sure R* will then add most content to SP.

It's easy to do for them.

And then maybe before VI comes out a little SP DLC as a little apologie and thank you for us players

I don't think they will give a single f*ck about SP when Online dies, I mean look at what happened with NFS World.

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Hmmm nice bike

Especially since it's a 5 year old game now. Once Online stops making them as much as it does in Shark Card sales, why go back to single player? They'll have RDR2 to focus on milking next.

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It should have been pretty obvious from the moment they saw the big money rolling in from GTA Online that we may as well wawe goodbye to any singleplayer update


Its a shame but money talks, I suppose

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The final single player update should be removal of YO YOU MY DUDE RIGHT?

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I still have hope.

I'm sure R* will add most content to SP when online dies.

The old R* is still there, just "hidden".

They will do that.

I'm sure of that.

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Still not a fan of how Rockstar treated GTA V's SP but considering how great RDR2 is, I'm overall more optimistic again with the company's direction. They proved that they still care for Singleplayer and it's fans, great to see after the GTA:O obsession


I think the time for GTA V dlc is long past, at this point (and even in the last two years in general) even if they wanted to it wouldn't make sense..no game gets DLC's 3 years after it launched. At this point I just hope future Rockstar games get quality DLC

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At this point I would honestly put money on them releasing an online DLC that features the SP characters.

I read somewhere that the number of sales/online players dropped dramatically recently, so they will need to do something to draw in the crowds again by releasing more heists - possibly.

It would not surprise me if Michael and Franklin pop back up for a series of online missions and that they're only accessible when you have a certain level or amount of money or something, as that will likely draw previous players and new back into buying shark cards the grind. Ultimately there is a demand to see more of the story characters, I think Rockstar would be fools to not give the fans something before GTAO dies a perma-death! 

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