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Editor bug: Interpretation of @-symbol

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I was about to write this text, but now I see that the code is rendered correctly:


Look at this example




0A95: enable_thread_saving
[email protected] = Marker.CreateIconWithoutSphere(5, 1642.287, -2237.919, 13.4983)
[email protected] = Marker.CreateIconWithoutSphere(5, 6740.0, -9173.514, 15.8658)
[email protected] = Marker.CreateIconWithoutSphere(5, 7143.506, 8399.45, 11.2827)
0A93: end_custom_thread



The editor tryies to interpret the "@" symbol and thinks this is an email. This is a not a feature, this is a bug. The same bug exists in tools like M$ Word, LibreOffice, etc. where the text editors think they are smart and cause the writer a lot of trouble not being able to write what he wants to write.


But now I cannot reproduce the bug, the text in the spoiler is rendered correctly. However, I had to edit the following post multiple times until the "email" issues was solved.

Feel free to close this post if the bug does not appear anymore.



Edited by goodidea82

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The forum now has a "Mention" system so whenever you type "@" it assumes you are directing your comment at someone @goodidea82 but you can avoid it doing that by simply just finish typing out the word as it'll realize there aren't any members with that name or just put a space between the @ and then keep typing

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Thanks. I believe I had this issue inside a code environment, but I can't reproduce now.

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