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GTA V to Real Prototype - A total conversion of all GTA V & IV cars to their real prototype - GTA SA

Pranjit Das

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       Special Thanks to our dear

               friend @Automan



So before we start, a big thanks to our dear friend and "King of GTA" @Automan for the conversion of all GTA V and IV vehicles to GTA SA!!


And I'm modifying all the cars under his permission!!



      The history of the conversion



So now we can start, take your favorite chair and seat on it comfortably, that's it we're ready!


In the first, it was just a personal modification for my own game. I wasn't thinking to make any release or upload, I just used to modify the

cars made by @Automan to their real


life prototype, because I don't like standard GTA V and IV cars details and names like Vapid Stanier, Declasse Tornado, Declasse Stallion, Bravado Gauntlet etc..



Later, when I found that I have converted most of the GTA IV and V cars to their real prototype, finally I decided to make a official release on GTAinside.com!


After that, I started to take expressed permission from original author @Automan, for the release of the cars. And slowly my mods become more popular!!



I'm pretty much sure, that I'm the only person who modify all the standard GTA V and IV cars to their real life prototype like the following:


*Imponte Dukes - Dodge Charger.

*Albany Emperor - Cadillac Fleetwood.

*Willard Solair - Ford Taurus.

*Declasse Yosemite - Chevrolet C-10.

*Vapid Stanier - Ford Crown Victoria.

*Pegassi Infernus - Lamborghini Diablo.

*Pfister Comet - Porsche 911 Carrera.


And so on..



The cars above in the list are just example, however these are also the cars that I have already converted. (For download link, see below)


My latest model is the Pfister Comet, which is converted to its real life prototype 1980 Porsche 911 Carrera. 


I'm working on my next conversion Benefactor Stretch which will be convert to its real prototype Mercedes Benz E-Class w212 Limousine.


The car isn't finished, because I'm little busy these days with my other personal stuff and currently I'm not able to work on the car, because of the time.


I'm also working on the Bravado Gauntlet which will be convert to its real prototype Dodge Challenger SRT. All these cars will be release in next few days, maybe 3-4 days because I'm little busy these days with my personal stuff (which I also mentioned above).



I will try to convert all the GTA V and IV cars to their real prototype, as long as possible!


And thank you very much for using your time in reading these all! 



            YouTube video links



Here are a few videos of some of the cars, special thanks to @EnRo for making all of these videos:


*Cadillac Fleetwood 1985



*Ford Crown Victoria 1992 & 2007



*Chevrolet C-10 and Beater 1967



*Ford Taurus Sedan & Wagon 2003



*Dodge Charger RT Bullitt 1968



*Fiat Premier Padmini S1 1990




        Download links of all cars



Here's the download link to all of the cars that were released already:


(Please note: This isn't a car pack, I have released all the cars separately because I can only make one car in per day)



*Porsche 911 Carrera 1980 - based on the GTA V Pfister Comet Retro






*Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 - based on the GTA V Pegassi Infernus Classic






*Ford Crown Victoria 1992 & 2007 - based on the GTA V Vapid Stanier I and II






*Chevrolet C-10 and Beater 1967 - based on the GTA V Declasse Yosemite






*Ford Taurus Sedan & Wagon 2003 - based on the GTA IV Willard Solair






*Cadillac Fleetwood 1985 - based on the GTA V Albany Emperor






*Dodge Charger RT Bullitt - based on the GTA V Imponte Dukes






Here's the link to my another car that based on the Benefactor Glendale, but its out of the series because its converted to a different Indian/Italian car FIAT Premier Padmini S1 1100D.


Yeah I know that Glendale is based on the 60s Mercedes Benz, but it also have some similarities to the legendary FIAT 1100 Delight/Berlina like big frontgrille, rounded headlights, chrome bumpers and the main thing both the Mercedes and FIAT are from mid 1960s.


You can download the car here:




And like other mods, you can also download all of my cars from GTAall.com


But there are few disadvantages in downloading cars from GTAall.com, all disadvantages are described below:


* The first disadvantage is those cars in GTAall.com aren't packed by me, they download my cars from the original GTAinside links and then pack by themselves in new archive,

so if you found any file is corrupted or damaged please consult with GTAall.com


* The second disadvantage is, you can't get bonus features (like HD vehicle.txd etc). Most of my cars included bonus features like HD vehicle.txd etc, but in GTAall.com they avoided these extra files so you only get the car files (dff and txd), no bonus features!


* The third disadvantage is, you only get one version. I mean most of my cars included two or three version in one mod (like one version is stock, another one is beater variant etc). But in GTAall.com you only get one version in one mod, so you need to download all version separately.



So it is pretty much better to download the cars from the original GTAinside links, for more safety and security!



         Contact forum and links



Any problem? found some bug? or you may have some suggestion or ideas to improve my cars?


Any request? You want some cars from GTA V and IV to convert to its real life prototype?


Feel free to consult with me by private massage, here is my GTAinside user profile:


https://www.gtainside.com/user/Pranjit Das


You can also post your information below in Comments section! And thank you very much for reading!


(Please note: This is only for GTA San Andreas, not for GTA V and IV)


Have a nice day 😊😊


@Pranjit Das

Edited by Pranjit Das
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