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The INCREDIBLE and HIDDEN new screenshot details you may have missed. They have thought of everything!

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Guys the detail that I have found in this game is impeccable, and it has been confirmed further with these new screenshots. This will be, I have not a shadow of a doubt, the most immersive realistic game that I have ever played in my life. Check this out: (Thanks and credit for finding this goes to Dat Saintsfan on youtube check out his video below with an in depth on the details, and/or give mine a read below the video.)



In the following screenshot you can see that Arthurs pant leg is covered in water up to the point of the depth that he has been submerged in the water. That tells me that as we have seen in the gameplay trailer where he clothes got mud and dirt on them, that it isn't reserved just to certain areas no. They get dirty, muddy, wet exactly at the areas that say you fell on, or in this case, submerged. THAT IS AMAZING DETAIL:




In another screenshot where Arthur looks to be skinning an alligator if he is it is very specific and unique showing all of the skinning animations will be unique and different and very detailed. On top of that incredibly realistic:





In this next screenshot the one on the left of Arthur with his left eye swollen and blacking bruises underneath. Also another screenshot, that shows Dutch, (I think Sadie Adler), and Arthur on horses and Dutch, and Sadie look like they have just been in a scuffle of some sort and are beat up if you look closely (In Dat Saintsfan's video he zooms in on their faces for a closer look): 






Also now confirmed you can shoot up in the air in order to scare townsfolk etc. confirmed here:




One more of note I can think of Arthur grabs on to a Tram handle as to ride it, so that is now confirmed as well:




Confirmation of player rowed canoes confirmed with Arthur rowing a canoe himself. Anyway all of this and more is detailed in the above video by Dat Saintsfan, please thank him I take no credit, and give it a watch it's definitely got new info and analysis to it. I just wanted to bring these details over here so more people would learn of it. Anyway, any thoughts? I'd love to here some input about this and what you guys think.




Edited by Zevick
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Please keep discussion like this in the info threads, plus it's best not to make threads based off of youtube videos ;)



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