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Why the sound of my game disappear randomly when I have a high poly car mod? GTA San Andreas

Pranjit Das

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So it's not a very big problem, but also not a small problem! The problem is, whenever I install any car mod whose dff size is higher than 5.0MB, why the sound of the game start to disappear randomly???


It happened with every cars, whose dff size is higher than 5.0MB. When first time this was happened, I thought that its related to the car which I installed (a '66 Mustang whose dff size is under 8.0MB).


I removed the car, then delete the whole gta3.IMG archive (to recover any used disk space) and recopy the original img archive which I backup before installing all mods into the game.


After that, the problem almost fully gone! I reinstalled all my current mods and the game still fine, I also tried out many other cars mods (with dff lower than 5.0MB) and they're working fine, no problem at all!


But next time, when I again install an another car (a VW Bus with dff size under 6.0MB) the problem reappear! That the sounds disappear randomly!


This doesn't happened with all sounds, only SFX, voices and car sounds disappear, other sounds like Radio, music and my user tracks songs still fine! 


The sounds disappear for about 2-3 minutes and then reappear, but after few seconds they again disappear and then reappear, very annoying and because of this I'm unable to play the game properly!


I tested it several times, and all I found is, it caused by high poly cars (with dff higher than 5.0MB).


My computer isn't weak (its a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with 4GB RAM and 4GB Nvidia Graphics Card), so I'm pretty much sure its not my computer's fault, nor the mod's fault.


Because it happened with every high poly cars and how is it possible for every mods to have the same issue? most likely its the game's own fault!


Anyway how to fix it???


There are many cars in the web which I really want, but their dff size is under 8.0MB or higher so I'm unable to use them properly.


Those high poly cars doesn't cause lags (because my PC can handle them) the only problem is the sounds disappear randomly, so I can't play the game anyway with these cars installed!


Please give some solution to fix it forever, and I have no idea how to fix it! 😩😩😩


Please reply as quick as possible!


Thanks for reading!

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