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(XB1) Dubsta Spawn


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Can someone Help me spawn one of the Gold/Chrome Dubstas Pls? I've been Trying for a Few weeks now, with no luck. I Have no Friends to help with the MC Trick.


My GT: Fussy 2 


I'm on Right now. Msg me on Xbox, I wont be able to check on here for awhile. 


If someone Could help me, I would definitely appreciate it so much.  Thank you in advance. 

Edited by bulldog385
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@ J-Scott-D Thanks, and I did Post in that Thread back on August 05 (Page 83 near the Bottom)with no Luck. That's when I started another Thread in this Section a week or 2 Later and again No one answered. I figured I at least try one more Time, If No ones was able to Help, I'd give up. 


Worse Comes worse I Have a Pair of D2s on My Main account (I don't use anymore) I could use one to spawn another and just need someone to at least help me transfer one to my second account. If No One Wants to Help me, That's Fine and I Understand completely. 


I'm usually on Most evenings (EST Time) Thanks In advance. 

Edited by bulldog385
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Give it another try. Sometimes requests might get missed in that thread. 


Another idea would be to ask around in a public session if someone in a MC can make you a road captain. You can then spawn a Dubsta2 via the MC interaction menu.  


The MC Dubsta2 is blacklisted and can't be stored, but you can use it to spawn one that can be.

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Thanks. I tried That MC Trick awhile back with a Friend, But had No Luck with that either. I Tried Parking it down at the La Mesa LSC and found nothing so I drove over with my PV to the Burton and Airport LSC and still Nothing. I gave up looking after the "Window" for them to spawn had Passed. Plus The Friend I was playing with had MC Businesses to sell.    


Btw I've kinda given up on trying to find one. Actually I've been Taking a Break from GTA V and my Xbox for a bit as well. I acquired a new to me Gaming Laptop, and Ive been Playing a lot of ATS, ETS2 & FS17 lately.  Plus in the next few months, Theres a few other games coming out soon, I'm interested in getting. 





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