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The Dirge of Gay Tony


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Thanks, Gay Tony.  It's not like I have a lucrative corporation that I've been running.  Not to mention the other contraband business I have been running with success in a rag tag, ever-changing MC.  Nope!  Ever since you brought your infinite wisdom from Liberty City, I've jumped at the opportunity to fork over millions to buy a nightclub for you so you can boss me around like I'm your personal assistant while you laze about and take cuts out of my payouts.


Yep!  That sounds perfect!


Don't get me wrong... I like the new DLC.  My only gripe about it is that I would love to have missions that would randomly pop up on things outside of Tony's control.  I mean, is he managing my damn club or not?  No, Tony... you find someone to put up posters and fly a blimp around.  In the meantime, I've got more lucrative endeavors to handle.  If the Vagos steal supplies?  Yeah, I can handle that and call me when it happens.  Lazlow has a celebrity in mind?  Yeah, drop me a call and I'll go pick them up.  Although, half of the promotion tasks are something a simple hire could accomplish.  I get they want to add missions where competition can take place but, come on; it's just another case of being the top dog and being tossed down to the bottom employee by role.  It's typical and unoriginal.  If my character could have their way, they would meet Tony at the end of Del Perro pier one late night.  A sniper would take him out and the story would be that he had to go underground as some trouble followed him from Liberty City.  My character has business connections, still has English Dave for the DJ's and Lazlow for the in on the celebrities.  The only thing missing is someone bossing me around and stealing my profits.


After Hours was an opportunity for GTA to have a managerial aspect for the player instead of just being a 'go-for'.  Instead, it's more of the same old, same old.

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1 hour ago, TypeONegative671 said:

 Instead, it's more of the same old, same old.

Just like this topic is more of:



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22 minutes ago, whywontyoulisten said:

Just like this topic is more of:



Hmmmm... compared his post to mine and they are nothing alike.  He's bitching about having to run his cocaine business in order to get lackluster performance from his nightclub bonus product and then proceeds to complain about its worth while I'm talking about the aspect of actually owning the nightclub instead of being a glorified "clean-up in aisle five' employee who paid for the whole thing.  I made no mention about issues with running the other businesses other than I actually do run them.  The rest of the posts are rants about the 'dripfed' complaints, which I'm not talking about at all.


Chill out in the apple orchard while I raise hell in the orange grove, kay?

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This is proper for the B&M topic however. Feel free to repost it there.

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GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away

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