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V reinstall


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So against better judgement and three years of V not being present on my drive, giving up on reinstalling V twice since then,  today I am installing it - to check few things ...Atm in the third + hour of the installation - it better be a space ship quality with all this time it is taking.


Aaand after those damn 5gb forced initial download V loaded up, and I changed few graphic options so restart was required and behold - another 14.8 GB started to download.


(i do not see image insert on new forum layout \OO/)


Besides these extra 20 GB on top of my boxed game, Social Club is using google captcha during the logon and that is just great 🤨and that is why it is a good thing😀


So I ask, in case I do not uninstall V again - and not wanting to get a "community version" from internet friends either -  do we have any means to force V to never connect online again for any reasons?  So I can firewall it off from the internet for good. Offline only - and mayhaps a mod or two for my pleasure is what I'm interested in.

Edited by lostmeogaccnt04
do not see where image insert option is
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Two different ways of doing that, one is through launch options and the other is through firewall rules; these are just for the social club launcher but I'm pretty sure that's what needs blocking. 


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Launch options one seems to be more suited to my needs, tyvm Red. Damn thing downloaded another 980 or so mbs after 14.8gbs or so was done 😫

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