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LSSA Venom971

LSSA Crime Mob Now Recruiting!

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LSSA Venom971

LSSA Crime Mob Now Recruiting! 


Hello. If you clicked on this post, then welcome! 


We are the LSSA (short for Los Santos/San Andreas) Crime Mob. We're a friendly crew based on Xbox One primarily, with the intention of expanding to PC and PS4 in the near future. 

Our crew is about having a good time. Our members are very content with grinding money, but also like to play in freemode sessions together. We regularly hold crew sessions, which consists of Races, Deathmatches, LTS's, and other fun, engaging jobs. 


We are looking for members to join our ever-growing family. 


Positions available: 

  • YouTube Promoter - we haven't really promoted our YouTube channel, so we are looking for a person that is able to help with that. 
  • Crew Members - the staple of any crew. 
  • Head of Recruitment - the HR will be responsible for gathering and training new members, showing them the ropes and helping them with the things they need to get started with us. 

Our website is www.lssacrew.tk, where you will find all information about us, including how to join, who our senior members are, our crew and allied crew stats, our past videos etc. 


If you wish to join, send a message to LSSA Leader97 on Xbox Live, or fill out our application form

We hope to see some of you soon! 


Crew Website

LSSA Recruitment Video

LSSA TV YouTube Channel

LSSA Crew Social Club Page





Edited by LSSA Venom971
removed html and added video link. reformatted text.

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