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Quality Vs. Quantity

GTA Master 007

Quality Vs. Quantity  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Vehicles & Weapons

    • Quality
    • Quantity
    • Both
  2. 2. Map

    • Quality (High Detail Small Map)
    • Quantity (Big Map WIth Low Detail)
    • Both (Massive Map Size and A lot of Detail)
  3. 3. Story & Side Missions

    • Quality
    • Quantity
    • Both

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...having a "both" option kinda kills the point, doesn't it? 

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Algonquin Assassin

Quality for all three. I agree that being able to choose both kind of kills the point as obviously that's what most of us would choose. However in a straight up choice I'll choose quality everytime.

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Both:Any game that neglects one another isn't complete. What's the point of a delicious pizza if it's just half a slice. And what's the point of a whole pizza if it's not that delicious. 

While criticizing, I see many people judging games by "only" analyzing the "existing" parts and not the parts "that could've been" in the game. I usually rate the games I play and when I do, I judge em both by quality and quantity. 

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Also I might add, Both Quality and Quantity can never reach a "full" limit.There's always potential to be "better". So what's important is the balance between the two. The best example in this Case IMO is GTA San Andreas. Offering loads of content with depth and variety. 

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 9/17/2018 at 12:59 AM, Am Shaegar said:

Story and Side missions -- Quality.


I will be content with the story and the related (or side) missions, if there's less repetition and more variety, and unique experiences to offer, like SA. Unlike the extra padding seen in a later game that simply wastes the time in doing the same things over and over again. It just makes the game boring.


Map, Vehicles and Weapons -- Both.


In an open world game like GTA, I always expect the games to increase the quantity and scale further on each release. Though I don't expect lots and lots 9f filler stuff but the content to map ratio should match the expectations of the players excitement of playing in a new map with better improvements in terms of quality and usefulness during gameplay. Having a bigger and detailed map isn't enough. It should be filled with interesting content. The latest Spiderman game was criticised for this as well. It has an amazingly designed NYC map but the type of content on offer seems outdated and quite uninteresting with limited replay value.


Similarly, If R* is releasing separate DLC episodes, and yet none of them brings any quality improvements to the map, like better and new interiors, encounter types, general map fixes, NPC AI fixes, customization options for vehicles/weapons, new weapon types (like silencors) and additional improvements to make the gameplay more interesting over vanilla experiences. The whole point of DLC here is that they simply bring more quantity than quality to keep you invested in Liberty City after finishing the vanilla playthrough.


I would prefer the 3D era approach. Rockstar managed to offer both without resorting to the use of DLCs. It was a complete package and considering the type of console hardware used to make those games, they still managed to push the quality as much as possible to deliver the best experiences.


I could not have said it better.

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