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Personalities: GTA IV


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How would you guys best describe the psychopathology of GTA IV characters?


My best bet:


Niko Bellic: post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD

Roman Bellic: Superiority Complex/Delusional

Mikhail Faustin: Explosive Disorder, PTSD, Bipolar

Dimitri Rascalov: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dwayne Forge: Clinical Depression, PTSD

Johnny Klebitz: Explosive personality

Eddie Low: Schizophrenia, Anti Social Personality Disorder (Psychopath, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar

Luis: Anti Social Personality Disorder (Psychopath

Brucie Kibbutz: Narcissism, Superiority Complex, Bipolar

Derrick Mceary: Alchoholism, Depression (clinical

Bulgarin: Anti Social personality disorder

Edited by Hitler5e6
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How is Dimitri autistic? Does he go on the internet and spend all his time on sonic forums? I think he's a sociopath, not autistic.

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18 minutes ago, universetwisters said:

How is Dimitri autistic? Does he go on the internet and spend all his time on sonic forums? I think he's a sociopath, not autistic.

I feel as if he has Aspergers rather than autism, because he seems to be a control freak and puts a lot of attention to details.

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On 9/15/2018 at 1:41 PM, Jeansowaty said:

I feel as if he has Aspergers rather than autism, because he seems to be a control freak and puts a lot of attention to details.

except being a control freak isn't a symptom of Aspergers at all. in fact, controlling and manipulating people as tools for their own gain is what sociopaths do, and dimitri's behaviour reflects that (his betrayal of Niko and Faustin and killing Peg in the Deal ending after killing his guys and taking the money come to mind.) paying extreme attention to detail is a trait people wit with aspergers tend to have, although it doesn't mean much by itself. aspergers is a collection of a lot of traits (lack of social awareness or difficulties in interacting with others, extreme attention to detail, being highly sensitive to certain stimuli like touch or sound) and these traits aren't necessarily present to the same extent for everyone with high functioning autism/Aspergers btw) he doesn't really present any of those traits, so in short Dimitri is just a sociopathic, although very intelligent dickweed 

Edited by hasidichomeboy
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Yeah, autism is a developmental disorder. In fact, it's not just a disorder, that may sound harsh; it's kinda like a type of personality, maybe a more restricted way of seeing the world and struggling socially. Dimitri seems early on in the storyline to be quite level-headed. Arguable a psychopath because he believes in rules but nevertheless is part of an organised crime family willing to destroy others for personal gain. From what I recall though, he becomes a giant knobsack for


betraying Niko and burning him and Roman out of Hove Beach.

Autism is maybe one of the most widely misunderstood parts of human development, for what it's worth. Niko's a psychopath, sure - I think of him as being like Tony Soprano, as we see his good and his bad side, plus his attempts to justify criminal acts. Probably Niko is suffering a bit from PTSD (who wouldn't in his situation?). But this is GTA, so back to killing, fighting, car-jacking and sin!


Edited by GiveMeLiberty78
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Bratva Assassin

Niko Bellic: PTSD

Roman Bellic: Gambling addiction

Little Jacob: Drug addiction

Luis Fernando Lopez: Antisocial

Johnny Klebitz: Explosive personality disorder

Dwayne Forge: Clinical depression

Brucie Kibbutz: Bipolar, crazy

Mikhail Faustin: Bipolar

Dimitri Rascalov: Asperger’s syndrome (like me)

Ray Bulgarin: Antisocial

Mori Kibbutz: Narcissism, short man syndrome

Manny Escuela: Narcissism, superiority complex

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Dimitri doesn't seem psychopathic. He has seems like he tends to worry about the results of his actions and has genuine empathy for Faustin. He has a revealing problem with socialization, and this caus es some obvious speculation on the part of Niko. We can see from how Dimitri manifests his behavior, that he comes off as "socially awkward" and intelligent. He's afraid of Faustin and his impulsive tendencies, and comes off at times as not being able to handle difficult situations that he is put in. Basically, he's not the ideal russian mobster or businessman of a crime syndicate. Aspergers is a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder, which I believe he has. Aspergers people tend to view certain situations or results of a causation as merely "good" or "bad" and not an in between. We can see how Dimitri makes his decisions like this, where everything is either good or totally bad. This is why he likely betrays his partners so often. I don't know the intentions of rockstar, but dimitri certainly does not come off as charismatic like a psychopath. I think a better example that I should have put of a classic GTA psychopath was Ray Baccino. Ray is an ultra materialistic mobster who lacks empathy, and focuses all of his business decisions on the diamonds. This would put him in danger and his other partners possibly. He's a snake in the truest sense, as he doesn't necessarily "betray" his partners but manipulates them into doing things for him or for other people to turn on someone he doesn't like. In other words, ray is cold and calculating unlike dimitri, who acts out of fear. It's also worthy to note that Dimitri loves Faustin for saving him, and feels nervous and scared while in the process of betraying him. Aspergers people usually have attachment disorders as part of their DSM-5 classification. They hate to lose a clsoe person. Dimitri was smart enough to realize he had to, but was fearful of the outcome and losing his friend.

Additionally, it is noted that Dimitri has an obsession with getting to the top. Aspergers people usually construct narratives or ideas/obsessions where they focus on one thing exclusively. Faustin was focused on using the power he had. Dimitri was focused on rapidly expanding the power. However, it was in an abnormal way in which he wanted to rise to the top the fastest, even if it meant outright chaos. I think dimitri didn't have a fixation on power or wealth, rather the idea of him getting to the top.

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  • 11 months later...

Niko Bellic - PTSD

Roman Bellic - Gambiling addiction

Vlad - Sociopath

Michelle - She's strange, but i don't know

Little Jacob - Marijuana addiction

Faustin - Psycopath, explosive disorder

Dimitri - Sociopath

Brucie - Narcisist Personality Disorder and steroid addiction

Ray Bulgarin - Psycopath

Ray Bochino - Sociopath

Playboy X - Narcisist Personality Disorder

Dwayne - PTSD, Depression

Elizabeta Torres - Sociopath

Kiki Jenkins - Borderline

Carmen Ortiz - Narcisist Personality disorder

Pegorino - Sociopath

Eddie Low - Psycopath, Sadist









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