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[MP]Niggaz In The Hood

Recommended Posts


GKHEAT Presents.....

A Design Your Own Mission Series

Niggaz In The Hood

Official Logo


Official Poster



About me

Hi, It's GKHEAT an Indian DYOM designer.I Like making missions in GTA SA. Thanks a lot for making this amazing mod Dutchy3010, PatrickW and other members for helping them. After finishing my previous MP "Crime Cities". I have started a new MP called "Niggaz in the hood", with my crazyness. I hope you like it. Feel free to live your feedback.

I am waiting for your Feedback. :)



Dad always told me, "If you get hurt, you don't feel anything, but if something happens to your families, your heart feel the pain."

Hi there, In this MP you will play a role of Tre Jenson of his short intresting moments of life.

Of his greatful moments of his life.

Tre is from El Corona in Los Santos but, after death of his father he stayed in Liberty City for few years.

His father was a gang member in Corona G's gang, and died in gang war.

Now the protagonist is back. 

To his city, to his house, to his Hood.

Now he feel the pain of his hood, with his childhood friends.




Tre Jenson: The main character of this MP, means the player. A young man. He lives in El Corona in Los Santos with his mother, and   his father was died in a gang war. After death of his father, he goes to Liberty City for gaining money.


Crank Money: The best childhood friend of Tre Jenson, A man in red with his red Picador car. The intresting character in my story. I hope you like him the most. Crank always calls Tre, with his nickname ("Bug").


Smokey Streets:   A young hot shot nigga in Corona with his favorite Sawn-off Shotgun. A gun/ drug dealer and a good friend of Tre, and also a respectful man in Los Santos.

(more soon)






Corona G's :

(information soon)

Glen Park OG's:

(information soon)




1. Home Sweet Home

2. New Day





(more soon)



Rockstar North games for this amazing game, GTA SA 

Dutchy3010 [DYOM Founder]

PatrickW [DYOM Founder]

GKHEAT [Mission Designer]


You [For Playing This]



Edited by GKHEAT
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Good luck on this bro. I hope this MP is a superior of Crime Cities.

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Topic Update

1. MP Poster added

2. MP Logo added 


Stay Tune

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Topic Update

1. Intro mission added

2. I changed topic style

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I don't really have that much time on my hands, especially with working on Sweep Squad too now, but I did give the intro of your MP a go.


It does remind of the original GTA SA story, the title of the mission is the same too. One of the things I noticed is that you should definitely use cutscenes with more dialogues and then extend their time to 4-6 seconds because you have a lot of cutscenes with very few words in them and that doesn't conserve space. There are many places where, what you wrote in 2 cutscenes, could've been written in 1, so you'd get 1 objective more of free space (since we're limited to a 100), space can be an issue. Some of the cutscene's time is too short though. I would recommend you using 3 second cutscenes for one short sentence length, 4 second cutscenes for one and a half sentence length and 5-6 seconds for two sentences of dialogue in them. That way you give everyone enough time to read what you wrote so you can understand it better.


I won't get into the language part because I know English isn't everyone's first language. Your mission is understandable enough. You can always improve in that regard, of course, but it's fine.


All in all, I see much room for improvement and in mission packs like this, it's a very good thing as you can experiment more. Don't rush and good luck.





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Mission-2 added

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