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Save game file not loading

Rampage vS

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Hello everyone, first post here after struggling with an issue with my game file.


On "Keep your enemies close..." and went to load the game after a break earlier and it's stating "save game file 1 not present" and a bunch of zeroes where the date should be. I click it, shows the load screen/bar for a second, then pops up a blank grey box(looks like the in-game message box) for a split second, then a split second of the "crossing the bridge in-game loading" background and goes straight to the very first cut-scene of the game. I tried reinstalling the game while holding onto the save file from the save game location and still nothing. It is saving and loading new games without a problem.


I did notice when I tried to load it earlier, I got a message from my PC asking about fixing blurry resolution pictures and it kept taking me to my computer settings. Is it possible that not being on the correct resolution settings from what that game file was saved on be causing this issue? I really don't want to start all over again...thanks in advance. 


FWIW, Steam linked game running on an ASUS G501J and I absolutely HATE this computer. Rant over.

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That's an interesting issue. Would you be able to upload your save to GTASnP.com and post it here so that others could take a look and see if they experience the same issue you do?


Was the save file produced on the same copy of the game you're trying to load it on? Save Files are not directly compatible between a Retail Version and Steam Version without conversion.

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