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Happy 25th Anniversary Grand Theft Auto!



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I have found that many people weren't able to play the mod so what I did was packaged this mod fully ready. again I am not trying to take credits from this amazing mod created by Dkluin but I am trying to support the creator's work and I always will by publishing this mod fully ready to you. I have tried my best to shrink the size but I have tried my best.

actual size:13.3GB,compressed file size:10.5GB but around 11 GB.

again I have tested this mod and made sure it doesn't have any errors.if it has it must be some mod you have installed or your folders.now what I mean by folders is if you have a folder in that there is another folder and so on and if GTA is in one of that the game may crash and this is important for you because I had an issue where I made too many folders and the game was in one of that and it wouldn't load up and I think this is what happened. when I clicked the launcher it was confused where to locate where the game was as I had too may folder. if you didn't understand this I will tell you as an example.




                         folder-backup             result: not working       



folder-game    result: working


also, this is very important. after installing I highly recommend you to extract the files to only a folder and it shouldn't have any folders inside it as then the game won't work but it is highly recommended that you paste it directly without making any folders. I hope now you won't have any problems and you can enjoy this mod created by dkluin.


SNAPSHOT 3.3.3:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aRlSdrgcgO7fR7LQntAyVStiO_UUTNwT

Edited by IssamRocks
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You have no idea what you are talking about. Too many folder is not going to cause any issues. 


There's a standalone version available on ModDB. Locked.

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