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New Engine for the next GTA


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They should use SOURCE engine. (joke)



I want a GTA 6 focused on story-line and not on Online when 10-12 year old kids blow up your vehicle and they're happy.

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They don't need a new engine, really. It's just a matter of updating bits and pieces from time to time. A rage 2.0 which I think technically they consider it beyond already is really not a new engine, but upgraded.


GTA VI is taking a long time because they are always working on many things at once. All developers do. When something really starts to look like it's getting there, then they start pouring in the work on that one the most and get something out. It's been 5 years now, in what, a week? I think we will hear something sooner than it took to get RDR2 news, but I would also bet it will be quite a while before we get GTA VI.


It's like, the one way GTA fans could get more GTA content is to stop buying the non-gta content and stop buying shark cards and playing GTA Online. That is how we "inspire" a developer to focus their priorities correctly I guess 😛

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I hope they are working on a new engine. Rage was made for the table tennis game, and it should have stayed a table tennis engine. Too many small things wrong with it, which make the gaming experience an unpleasant one, together with bad design choices.

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the engine is fine in my opinion the reason why they still don't released the gta 6 is because of incoming games if they release gta 6 right now they lose pretty much sale numbers from rdr2 so from this logic I'm expecting gta 6 to release in 2021-2022 (if what yan said is true after rdr2 bully 2  will be released)

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The engine is outdated sh*t, not even renders walls in distance and can only utilize 4 cores (main reason why consoles suffer from massive stutters and frame drops).

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